TT Bike Tinkering

Having been strangely ill now for the last few weeks with no real diagnosis I was really starting to lose my rag. For a full time cyclist, training is everything. So when you can’t train for any reason, let alone illness, it starts to get frustrating. The thought of, “its just a little cough, you can still ride”, is always there. But deep down I know that would only make things worse.

Thankfully, these last few days i have finally started to see an improvement in my condition. Because of this, i decided it was time to go out on the Shiv for its first outing. Admittedly, this wasn’t a very big outing. But because of the last few weeks, simply donning my kit and rolling out the front door was a big deal. Even if it was only 30mins down the road to my friends house. After the stress of the last few weeks, it was a great brain clearer to simply be on the road again.

Once there, the tinkering could begin. With the aid of someone more knowledgeable than me, and their shed sophisticated wooden training lab* of unused bits, my TT position is starting to take shape. Changing from S bend to ski shaped extensions was the most drastic change. By doing this, the distance from my saddle to the tip of the extensions, a number i had to fit under the magical 85cm (bearing in mind my saddle was 5cm back from the bb and I get granted metamorphic allowance for being 190cm tall) to be within the UCI TT bike regulations. In reality my saddle was much further back than that, because if i brought it forward at all i would just be slamming my knees into the arm rests on every revolution. By changing my hand position, it is putting a lot less stress on my wrists, making the whole set up more comfy. This has the added benefit of pushing my arms back, so the pads sit on my forearms rather than my elbows which massively improves the angles at my shoulder and gets me much closer to the perfect 90-90 angles at the shoulder and elbows.

Many hours of faffing later, changing this, changing that, realising why i should just save up and buy Di2 for my TT bike, I’ve come to a position i am happy in, and will certainly be racing the first few early season time trials like this. I can then re-evaluate from there and continue the hunt for the ‘perfect’ position.

All of this has made me think. My transformation into a tester must be nearing completion. Spending hours in a freezing cold shed sophisticated wooden training lab* convincing myself that changing this by 3mm is going to make me faster. We shall see.

IMG_5751 (Edited)

IMG_5752 (Edited)

*amended 18/01/2017 – apparently shed was the wrong word.