Track innit

With stage 3 of 4 done for my track accreditation, we headed down to the track for some extra track time before stage 4. An early start cruising down the a12 with Depeche Mode on full blast, we met Tom and Nathaniel at the track just in time to get set up for the session.

Still very new to the track, it took me 10mins to get back into it, but it certainly helped riding with quality riders, unlike the accreditation sessions, which frankly have been terrifying! We started with a standard paceline just to get warm, came off for a quick drink then hit it a bit harder. Riding a paceline with half lap changes we were upping the pace basically until we couldn’t any more. I’m running a small gear at the moment, under the guidelines of the accreditation sessions, wish meant we probably weren’t going that fast because I’m pretty poo at spinning a gear! Another quick water break later and we heading back onto the track for some sprints, because we had the track to ourselves…so why not. 5 laps rolling round, then game on. This being the first experience of going at any kind of speed round a track, I have to say it was awesome. I am really getting hooked on it. Fingers crossed, with only 1 more session to go, I will make it into winter league and will be able to compliment my winter training with a bit of track racing.

It was a serious laugh, big love for these guys! Bring on the next track session!