Anatomy of a Photo: The Euro Look

The euro look is something we all strive for, or as Velominati put it; “Being casually deliberate“, a phrase i absolutely love!

I would like to think i rate cycling style quite highly. I never leave the house without checking my socks are straight and my cap is level. I’d say to date this is my best effort ( even if it is somewhat ruined by my smile and the snotty arm warmer from the efforts i’d done that morning ). But rolling down the waterfront in Altea cruising with zero effort in the Spanish sun was super fun, but i was clearly getting ‘out pro-ed’ by well, a pro…



Maybe if i keep my cycling style in such high regard for many more years, one day i will be able to have those levels of casually deliberate while riding, or maybe even get to the levels of some of my cycling heroes.