Majorca 2k17 – The Backwards Training Camp

This is probably going to seem very strange. Like really, really strange. But I haven’t come here to Majorca to do a massive training camp.

“OMG”, “Ollie why are you wasting your time”, “Train harder dammit!”. Yeah I hear you. That was sort of my initial thoughts. But now they have passed…

This trip has flipped its focus for me. It is no longer pile in the hours, do big efforts and go home a shell in November. This was primarily going to be the plan, but due to illness towards the back end of last week which is still lingering (the airport probably didn’t help) early this week and the stress I am going through from working 40hr weeks through the night in a local bar, alongside my training. This week now gives me and my body a chance to get away. I can chill. Focus on riding my bike, having fun and getting the rest my body is screaming for!

Day 1 – 2hrs Tap Tap

First ride since stopping riding with illness, and it was clear the illness was still there. The combination of the airport and very little sleep in the travel day had taken its toll. I found it hard to press the pedals even at a very steady pace. This was overcome though by the incredible scenery we were taking in. We found a very quiet and perfect climb. 5.7km at 5%. Perfect tarmac, super quiet and breathtaking views. Definitely one to take in if you are in Palma.

Check the ride hereĀ 

Day 2 – 3hrs w/ 2 Climbs Pressing On

I woke up this morning immediately feeling better. Not 100%, but it was a start. We upped the ride to 3hrs and after rolling into the ride decided I felt good enough to try and ride at a reasonable pace up 2 of the days 3 climbs. Everything just sort of started going to plan. We took in another terrific climb today. Full of switchbacks. It was like a mini-Alp. Another thing we had noticed was the shear beauty of Spain in autumn, the mountains, cliffs, twisting climbs combined with the desert feel and the orange leaves on the trees. Every turn brought an even better view. Hopefully by later in the week the recovery will be 100% and some big efforts will be put in. But for now, zero stress, taking a laid back approach to this week isn’t bothering me. I’m sure that is the best way to go about it. Stress is for work, and work is for home. This is Majorca and we are free!

Check the ride here