Calpe 2k18 – The Suffering Begins!

DayWhile at home, with all the long working hours, late nights and irregular sleep, I always found i was never in the state to do any real quality suffering on the turbo (or on the road, the road is just much colder). We found I could easily complete a set one week but then not make one effort the next, it was very strange. So we changed the plan around so that all my top end work would be while I was out here in Calpe.

So now it is time to do those efforts! Keep reading to see a day by day breakdown of my next block!

Day 7: 2.3hrs w/ 5x30sec Full Gas

The day after a rest day, I expected to feel better than I did. I was planning on following my efforts with a longer endurance ride with Sam but after finishing the efforts it was clear this would not be possible.

We rolled out towards Rates, I was going to do my efforts up the drag leading into the climb and he was going to do an effort up the climb. The timings worked well really.

I was super happy to see I hit quite a big PB power on the first effort. It is nice to see the gym work over the winter months has really improved my top up strength. Now it is just time to get the lungs to back it up on the longer efforts.

I wasn’t feeling particually amazing after the efforts, so told Sam to go on and rolled home solo. It was time for some lunch.

Day 8: 5hrs w/ 5x6min Climbing Efforts

We had a nice big group rolling out this morning. A combination of two villas. We headed out following the coast towards Denia, up and over montgo and towards the olive fields. It was a really strong group. Riding well together, everyone taking there turns on the front and keeping the pace steady.

After Pego, a few of the lads peeled off to do a longer loop, they had six hours in the plan to our four.

We continued on, back towards Parcent and Jalor, and they tried one of the roads less ridden. The backside of Pinos, a 10km long drag up to 600metres. We then all realised why we never ride up here. The roughest, bumpiest descent you could imagine. Think Paris-Roubaix sector going down 10%. Some questionable descending later we made it to the bottom and onto the N-332 down into Calpe.

It was time for Tango Bar. I needed a Cafe Bonbon before the efforts begin.

Then it was off to the Benissa climb and the climbing efforts. Five efforts of 6minutes. Two at Z3 in a monsterous gear. Two at threshold. Then for the last one, with Benissa being a 10minute climb, I rode 6minutes at threshold then rode hard to the top of the climb. That lead to a nice surprise when getting to the top. I had hit a 3min and 5min PB power! That is power PBs two days in a row. I can’t complain with that. It is really pleasing to see the winter training working and hitting good numbers ahead of the race season.

Ollie Jones CalpeOllie Jones Calpe

Check out the ride here!

Day 9: 5hrs Endurance

Nothing really to report here. To be honest, I am writing this much later than the day. I didn’t really have anything to report so I just let it slide.

We headed up into the mountains, first time up Tudons this camp. I did realise last year I didn’t fully make the most of the mountains here, so I am making it a point to ride in the mountains as much as possible to get as much elevation in the legs as possible before I head to France.

It was the end of a long week, I was looking forward to a day of cake and legs up tomorrow!

Check out the ride here!

Day 10: Full Rest Day

After a solid first week. 27 hours in total with a few power PBs and some very solid days. It was time to chill. No bikes will be ridden today.

Similar to thursday, but in the car, we went down to Altea and Origen Coffee Roasters for breakfast. This was the second incredible breakfast they had delivered. This time opting for the New York Pastrami Bagel along with Granola and a smoothie. Along with a couple of flat whites of course.

We had been there a while, and were starting to think about seconds, when Michael Matthews showed up. That makes it two visits to this cafe both with a world tour sprinter. We had a a great chat, such a nice guy who took 45minutes out of his rest day to chat to us about pretty much anything. His bike! Holy crap his bike! He was riding a custom painted green Giant Propel with what looked like a very very very custom front end. It looked like it was straight off a Trinity. Very interestingly too, he was on disc brakes. And he was 100% for them! He made some very fair arguments, and I am almost starting to concede. Not on a race bike, but on a training/adventure bike I am starting to get quite keen.

Read more about the cafe here!

Day 11: 3.5hrs w/ Sprint Efforts

We headed out into the beaming sun. The legs were out and it was time to top up the tan. Getting a serious head start on everyone at home!

We planned a similar route to the other day, out over Montgo, through Denia and over to the olive fields for the sprint efforts. Two sets of 4x10secs with a minute hard running into each sprint to get the speed up. They went well really, what I would expect this time of year. I find the real top end sprint work comes from racing, so once the races start I am sure with all the work I have done over winter I will be hitting new powers!

Check out the ride here!

Day 12: 5hrs w/ KOM hunting up Tudons & 5x30sec efforts

There was one aim for today. The KOM from the bottom of Tudons to the top. The group rolled out and moral was high. Its a 40km lumpy route there, but we span along nicely.

With a pee stop and a team talk just before the bottom we hit the descent and started the effort when the road headed north. Definitely too hard to start with. I was straight into the red. Not ideal at the start of a 40minute effort. We took our turns on the front and the pace was high. For me, too high. I was with the group for 20minutes before dropping off to ride my own pace up the climb. The up and down nature of the effort in the group is not to my strengths or to the training I have currently done.

I made my own way to the top, reaching the sunmmit and seeing the cheerful faces of people that were fairly certain they had achieved their goal. But they wouldn’t know until we got home.

Down the descent, towards Callosa. I turned off to do the efforts that had been perscribed to me for the day. 20mins tempo with 30sec attacks. It was perfectly timed to the top of Tarbena. And from then on a descent and a tail wind home. Happy Days.

I saw the Sunweb boys testing out the TT bikes ahead of the time trial into Calpe next Friday. They all looked fast. Really really fast!

Check out the ride here!

Day 13: 90mins Recovery Cafe Day

Time to enjoy the cafe before a big weekend! Nothing more to say really. Pros were spotted and cake consumed. Now I have to go stretch and get ready for a big three days!

Ollie Jones Calpe


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