Solo breakΒ 

I’m currently on the bus on the way to stage 6. The third of three very big days. All 110+ km with around abouts 2000m’s of climbing.

We are heading into the unknown now…I’ve raced for 5 days before, but not 6.

The stage starts out hard today, the first 20km is packed full of steep climbs, then with big climbs at 40,90 and the finish at 120km. It’s going to be a big day out for sure. With my efforts early on to help out the GC leader and a solo break yesterday the legs are really starting to hurt and the focus is just to survive.

Yesterday was pretty much the only day that started reasonably flat, which meant team ordered breakaway! So the flag went down and off I went. Ticking off the kilometres, only expecting to be out there for 2km and then get reeled in. After 10km I took the first sprint…15km the first KOM…I had a minute on the bunch! Apparently at one point the yellow jersey got in a chase group of 6 with some other GC hitters to get over?!?


But sadly my fun came to an end about half way up the second catergorised climb once the fight for the polka for jersey ramped up. So after just over 20km out front I was caught and then proceeded to park up on the climb. Straight through the bunch, the grupetto and back to the broom. It was going to be another long day! But my job was done, the GC leader got a free ride for 20km and the team got some TV time. Even made the local news in the evening!

I hope that is a good thank you to everyone that got me here! You guys are legends!

So if 3 bits of cake at dinner got me 20km? What do I need to stay away for the stage tomorrow?

Au revoir.