OnForm Launch Day

So over the weekend, Cycle Team OnForm had the official launch!

Super exciting times for everyone!

The day started with the option of a 20mile or 40mile ride. I opted to do the 40mile ride, and the group had a good mix of U23, Women and Junior team riders along with some parents and people who had come along for the day to see and meet the team. It was really enjoyable to catch up with everyone, congratulating everyone on strong starts to the season, and discussing the next goals. The sight of a full group of riders in the best looking kit in the peloton was really cool!


Once we got back from the ride, it was time to get showered and put on some fresh kit in time for the official team presentation. We were based at Writtle College for the event, a big sponsor for the team, and a really good partnership to help advertise their Cycling Performance Degree. Firstly, we got a chance to mingle with everyone in the  lobby over lunch. Before everyone got directed into the lecture hall and we got our briefing as to what was going to happen. Firstly both junior teams, then the women’s team, then us, would go up in front of everyone. We were told to enter in a specific order, but naturally we all forgot the order about 5mins before we were due on stage. Sorry Simon!

Jamie, our mentor for the U23 team was leading the presentation. As he introduced each of the teams we would enter, stand at the front of the hall as he would ask a few of us questions. Along the lines of, “how have you kicked off your season?” or “what are your big targets for the season?”. I’m not overly keen on talking in front of people and I’m sure there is a video of me somewhere. But please, no one show me! After the initial presentations, there was a full team Q&A, with questions from the crowd. Questions covered everything from race day nutrition to sock length and tan lines.


After the live Q&A, we headed up stairs to have our official team photos taken. Yes, as you can imagine, there were many jokes…

“Ollie’s just doing the day job”

After that was sorted, it was final good byes and good lucks for upcoming races, before heading home and too work…fun times…

A BIG thank you to all the sponsors for a brilliant launch!

Bianchi UK | Twenty3c – Independent Bike Shop | Writtle College | TEC Components | Ellmore ClothingPerkins Garages | Science in Sport | Borg Wheels | Sovereign Guards UK | Crotch Guard