OnForm End of Season Meet

Despite having all my team antics up in air for next year, I still got an invite on the OnForm meet up last sunday. I think its safe to say I made a day of it. Doing my longest ride to date.

Key Stats:

217.6km | 7hr 30mins | 29kmh | 220np | 5,996calories burned

I set off nice and early and rode the first 10km in the pitch black. Setting off at 7 aiming to get to Writtle around 10 for the pre ride hello. It’s around 80km from mine to the College and its fair to say it was a pretty grim 80km. The wind has picked up over the last few days which made it very slow progress. I kept to the main roads to try to up the pace but it was always going to be a struggle. But I kept my head down and got on with it. I did add something to the “Weird things I’ve seen in the gutter of roads” collection though. Whoever left a sword in the gutter near Halstead, not smart.

I arrived with enough time to say some quick hellos, fill my bottles and then we were off again. Pretty much the full team, so it was a stupidly big group to have out on the road! It was nice catching up with everyone. Going over the year and seeing how everyone had done. It’s certain to say the team have done very well indeed for the first year.

Shout out to Simon for pointing out the worlds worst de-rain caping today. Yes it was me…

After cruising around the Essex lanes for a few hours, we headed back to Writtle for some refreshments. It was well needed at this point! 5hrs in! A lot of sandwiches, a LOT of cake and a few cookies, Phil Gaimon style. They saw my through the return leg nicely. Thankfully the grovelling headwind I faced out was much more fun the other way. Comfortably cruising along at a good pace which meant I just about made it home before dark. Setting off before sunrise and returning at sunset. Perfect timing. Believe it or not, I’m sat here writing this and I don’t feel as horrendous as I was expecting. Maybe I just won’t stand up again…

If anyone wants to check out my ride you can find it here: https://www.strava.com/activities/1242241406

Thanks as always to all the sponsors that make this possible (check them out below), my coach Mark Walker and my Dad for putting up with my expensive and rollercoaster ride of trying to make it as a pro cyclist…

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