No one said it would be easy

As you may have noticed, you probably didn’t, but I have been pretty quiet recently. I think it is fair to say not a lot has gone my way so far this year with illness, crashes and general bad luck and this came to a crescendo last week. My body was clearly fighting something, but despite my best efforts it wasn’t going away. This drove me to go and get a blood test to see if there was any deep underlying problem.

The results came back fairly inconclusively. Which was annoying. But the doctor did diagnose me with a mild sinusitis which he reckoned I had for quite some time. Which I hope was the answer for repeated spouts of illness and the severe achy feeling I had the last week. It pretty much confined me to bed for a couple of days. Everything was an effort, even just walking round the house was tiring me out. It was a very hard few weeks for me. It is easy to beat yourself up in times like this, and at points I was struggling. I won’t deny that. Having had such a great off-season, getting in such good shape for the season that to get to May and have seemingly only taken steps backwards is a difficult situation to deal with. It is quite ironic really, this time last year I loaded the season for the first half until I burnt out, whereas this year I don’t think I have completed 2 successive weeks of training without a problem.

Now with it being a week later than when I originally wrote those first paragraphs, my mind-set has changed. I have had numerous chats with my coach Mark, he had the idea maybe it is glandular fever. I did some research and by the sounds of it matches what I am feeling. But there is also no medication to cure it. So all I can do is rest, eat well and keep hydrated. Mentally I’m over the strain and stress of this season now. Yes it hasn’t gone to plan, but all I can do is reevaluate my goals and take aim on the latter half of the year. Setting new goals and talking it through with a professional is an incredibly helpful and eye-opening way of dealing with issues. Issues that need to get sorted before they spiral out of control. We came to the conclusion of a minimum of 4 days off the bike, with another 3 days of very easy riding if I feel ready. I will come back from it all, fight through it, that is all I can do. But for now I’m just enjoying not stressing. Walking, exploring Limoux, just generally not panicking and thankfully now I’m dealing with the situation much better than I was before.

Not the best run in to my first multi-day race of the year. Last week-end was the Tour of the Squirrels, a 3 day stage race. And the weekend after was one of the biggest 2nd category races in France. Tour of the 3 Valleys. This is a time when you just have to make the best of a bad situation and see what happens. I’ll be uploading a blog about these races separate to this one. As they were very fun enjoyable races to be part of and that doesn’t truly fit with the vibe of this post.

As always. I have to thank my amazing sponsors for supporting me through this little rough patch and having the faith in me to fight and come back stronger than before! You guys are awesome!

Ollie Jones