National 10mile Championships

For my last race of the year, I chose the RTTC National 10mile Championships. I’ve had this written down as a target from the start of the year and it has come around very quickly. I changed my position up a little from the National 25, I think I went a little too low there and it became a bit too uncomfortable and restricted me a little bit. So back to where I was at the start of the season when I was going well.

I had been hitting some really good efforts in the week prior, hitting 4x5min efforts at PB power. I just had to take that into race day and finish the season with one last strong effort.

But first we had to get there. Because thanks to CTT, we had a 700mile round trip for a 20minute race. Thankfully, with family in Blackburn, we could stay reasonably close on Saturday night. Having been a long time since we had seen each other it was really nice to catch up. Then sunday morning, we set off up to Braithwaite for the race. We decided to take the scenic route there, through the Lakes and over Kirkstone Pass. Although slightly interupted by what looked like the worlds most choppy triathlon. Although that could just be a normal triathlon?

We managed to stop at the same beach my Dad stopped to take photos on 20 something years ago. That was pretty cool.

We got to the HQ in plenty of time, so we got the chance to drive the course, which really helped as the course had a fair few long drags in which I didn’t know about and effected my pacing strategy. 21367055_1421767657877684_8510043396200835112_oWe parked up near the start, with loads of time to spare. I set about my normal pre race routine and rolled out to the start. Pysching myself up for one last effort before some time off. Knowing the numbers were there, I set off hard. The out stretch was mostly dragging up but had a strong cross tailwind. So despite a few big wind punches it was just keeping ontop of the gear and motoring along.

Hitting the kilometre downhill stretch into the turn I managed to spin out the gear, maybe I do need that 58 chainring? 21246630_1421766881211095_4199949932711287173_oBy the time I got to the turn the rain was coming down hard, I didn’t want to take any risks so cautiously took the turn and then tried to get back up to speed as quickly as possible before hitting the drag. I rode the climb hard, 30watts up on my target power but it still wasnt enough. It took me quite a long time to get back up to speed over the top of the climb as I was now pushing into a monsterously strong head wind. Struggling to get back up to pace, I was pushing harder and harder but just didnt seem to go anywhere. Thankfully, once over the top the final few km were all slightly downhill. As I could see the km’s ticking off I was just trying to squeeze more and more out until I rounded the final bend and opened up for the final push. I was over the moon once I crossed the line and saw I had hit a PB power by 15watts. What a way to end the season!

Key Stats:

10miles: 20mins 22secs | 394np | 82rpm | 47.2kmh

5min Peak: 410watts

The only downside to a race that far away was the 4 and a half hour car drive home. With dead legs but high spirits the journey didn’t feel too bad. But thankfully, now it’s time to sit back and relax for a week before getting stuck into a solid winter. Strongly focussed on breaking 400watts for 20mins!

Thanks as always to all the sponsors that make this possible (check them out below), my coach Mark Walker and my Dad for putting up with my expensive and rollercoaster ride of trying to make it as a pro cyclist…

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