Majorca 2k17- Mission 2K18

So if everything goes to plan, this is my first week abroad of six this winter. I’m hoping that is going to put me in good stead for the upcoming season to achieve some big goals! SOLID training to come!

It’s currently Sunday which means a travel day. Up CRAZY early, considering I got home from work about 12 and we left the house at 4, I didn’t get what you would say is a good nights sleep. Apart from that it was a very stress free journey. Flight was smooth and the transfers all very relaxed. We got into the villa and immediately headed to the beach in search of a cafe and some lunch.

It totally blew us all away where we were. Very surreal considering it is only a handful of hours from London and we had travelled back to the middle of summer. None of us could really make it out. Palma was such a beautiful city. After a lengthy cafΓ© sesh, we heading into the tight, cobbled back streets for a bit of adventuring ending at the famous cathedral. We managed to capture a few photos, check them out below. The view was like something none of us had experienced before and had us all quite speechless. And believe me, that’s NOT common for us!

But now it is time to head back to the villa, rest up for the big gains that are going to come in the next week. Keep an eye out for posts in the very near future!!

Cheers @BikerLawrence for the photos, check him out here Β