First Double Header Weekend

For most of the year, I will be riding double-header weekends, that being a race on saturday then sunday. Being the first one, i was interested to see how the legs would feel the day after a race, and if they would be good enough to go full gas for a second day. Here is how it played out…

Saturday – NCRA Handicap 2/3/4 RR – 2nd

Slightly strange for a RR, but it was an afternoon start, so I got to get a full night’s sleep which was nice. After setting up Pink Wheels with the race wheels and packing the kit bag, i got in a full breakfast then we headed to Bedford for the race. We arrived in plenty of time, so i got to warm up and sign on in no stress. It was really nice to warm up with a few other guys from the team. My first RR with team mates, so it was really cool to see some familiar kit in the peloton. It was a weird concept for a race. 4th cats go first, followed by 3rds then 2nds, in the “scratch group”. Sitting in the car park watching people ride off you were meant to be racing was a little strange. We set off 8 minutes behind the first rider, and immediately got into chaingang formation. It was a 3 lap race, and for the first lap the whole group worked together well. Rolling through and gradually picking up riders. But as the pace increased, less and less people wanted to pull through. Until it was just the OnForm guys on the front. The gap to the front stopped coming down. So action had to be taken. So heading into the last lap, when we turned into the headwind, me and Robbie hit the front and managed to drive a split. We got a group of 4 off the front of the scratch group and we set off in pursuit of the final remaining group. Half a lap later, the 2 other guys in our group stopped working, so with Robbie holding up the group i attacked off the front and got myself a gap. Once i managed to get a sustainable gap, Robbie managed to jump over to me. We passed the front group and round in a 2up to 2nd and 3rd place. A solid result for OnForm!


Sunday – Chelmer Hardriders 38km Hilly TT- 3rd

My second time trial outing for the year was the Chelmer Hardriders. On yet another shortened course due to road works. The course was a challenging 38km. The first 10km were into the wind, although it ended up being quite a light breeze on the day. I knew I had to go out hard, and then try to recover in the tailwind, middle section. I was happy with the pace i was setting, and i felt that i was going well. But around the half way make i hit some traffic going into a village. There was a queue of traffic behind a slower rider, then me. For about 2minutes, i was stuck at 40kmh, which in the tailwind flat section of the course, it was vital to keep the speed high. I think i lost out on a bit of time, but that’s racing on open roads i guess! It did mean that once the traffic cleared i was on a mission to try and catch back some time. The last 8km of the course was quite interesting. The event collided with a Wiggle Sportive. So there was riders all over the road, not exactly a good advert for cycling. Trying to focus on passing riders 30km into a 38km ride way over threshold isn’t all that easy! The last 8km were signed posted out, so i was trying to turn the screw a little more at every sign until the final climb. From then on it was just FULL GAS! When i got back to the HQ, i was happy to see i was in the hot seat, with 2 of the favourites to come in. Lloyd came in with a blistering time of 49:37 to take the race from Ashley Cox by over a minute, with me in third.


I managed a PB power for 5min, 10min, 20min and ftp over this weekend, along with a 2nd and a 3rd. Overall a successful weekend, but back to training and maybe i can make it the next step up the podium next weekend! Thank you to OnForm and all the sponsors for the support!

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