Calpe 2K18 – EPIC Ride!

I appologise for being a bit behind schedule on these posts, the hole is getting deeper and my ability to focus on my laptop screen and produce words that are actually readable is deteriating. But here we go!

After the previous cafe day, we had a big weekend planned, before a rest day on monday and then another big week. Unfortunately the Calpe weather isn’t looking like it is going to play ball. We have had some fairly outrageous out of season weather here, highs of mid 20s, but now it is cooling off, just when the training days are getting bigger. Oh well. We push on!

Day 14: Spanish Storms = Mission Abort

The plan today was to head up into the mountains. Me and David had similar sessions to do, and we planned to do them up Tudons, re group at the top and head down the Gudalest descent back to Calpe. This did not go to plan!

We followed the coast road towards Benidorm before heading inland towards Finestrat and the bottom of Tudons. It immediantly started to look like a bad idea. The massive black cloud floating over the top of the mountains and already strong gusting winds weren’t looking promising. But we made it to Sella and attempted efforts.

We both made one effort, no where near target powers and it was all a bit of a waste of time. It got pretty hypothermic pretty quickly. When we got home, we checked back on the forecast when we got home and had warmed up, the real feel half way up the mountain at the time we were there was -4. We aborted.

Very sheepishly crept down the very very wet descent until we found a cafe to hide and warm up. A coffee and a boc later, we headed for home for our tails between our legs. Oh well, onto the next one.

Check the ride here!

Day 15: BIG DAY OUT – Valencia Ride

We all met up super early for this one, with the distant possibility it would be dark when we returned, we didn’t have much choice. The group assembled at Diamante and we rolled out along the coast, up Benissa, way way harder than anyone was expecting! Not really sure what happened there? And onto the N332, the road that would take us most of the way to Valencia.

The way there went super smoothly, it didn’t even feel like it took that long. The Valencia signs counted down the miles nicely. Apart from a couple of mechanicals it was smooth. Everyone took there turns and had a good chat in the group.

For a better idea of what it was like you should probably check out Lawrence’s vlog here!

We made it to Valencia, and by all I had seen it looked like a beautiful city. We were half way done and it was time to find some munch.

But unfortunatley we ended up in a less than ideal resturant, the club sandwich didnt touch the sides and an extra carrefour stop was needed for fuel on the way home.

I think we timed it perfectly in the end, we left Valencia with about 3 hours of daylight left, which meant it was going to be a hard ride home no matter what. It was chain tight, but sensible until about 50km from Calpe when the through and off started. And from then on all guns blazing back to Calpe. I made it most of the way, just not quite hanging with the top boys up the final few drags.

We were back home and all pretty destroyed, but it was time to get a vast amount of food in and put the feet up before tomorrows session!


Check the ride here!

Day 16: 4hrs w/ Climbing Efforts

I have to say, this morning was the worst I’ve felt so far on camp! The ATL numbers are far higher than they have been before, and after a 6.5hour day, its noticeable in the legs. I was feeling empty, I think I ate all the bars I had for the ride with in the first hour.

It was meant to be a steady endurance ride for the first part at least, I had some efforts to do afterwards but we will get onto that bit. However when riding through the olive fields we somehow tagged on the back of some form of Belgium chaingang. It would have been rude not to ride through!

It started with us just forming our own line, before the pace increased and we tucked in and gradually made our way up into the wind, before hitting the front and openning the taps. Not entirely sure how, but we ended up dropping the lot of them.

So it was fairly inevitable when I went pop and had to call for an emergency cafe stop before the final km’s home.

Check the ride here!

Day 17: Recovery Day

Nothing massive to report. All I know is that i needed it. And it helped! Onto the next block!


Day 18: Sprint efforts w/ a little gas

The agenda for the day was to find some top end! 8x30sec sprints, trying to keep all the powers consistent. And I ended up nailing all of them to target power, I surprised myself!

After that we cruised across to the coast to do some exploring, before heading home for the day.

Then came a somewhat impromptu effort which I didn’t have planned. I set out to ride the montgo climb at threshold just to do a longer effort in the ride, but that lasted about 2-3mins before I just started gassing it. I got to the top in just over 10mins and set a new 10min power pb by a couple of watts. That makes it 4 PB numbers for the trip so far, so considering the deep fatigue the legs must be getting stronger and I look forward to what they will be able to kick out once I get out of this hole.

At the top of Montgo we headed out to the lighthouse, and it was an incredible view! I can’t really describe it, so I hope the pictures do it justice!

Ollie Jones Bianchi

Check the ride here!

Day 19: 5.5hr Endurance

I have to say, today was just an incredible ride! It was the first time I have really explored deep into the mountains around Calpe. I don’t really know how to describe it, it was just great fun!

Solid group of guys, perfect route filled with long climbs and grippy bergy roads and finishing with a long descent back into town. I don;t think I need to say any more, check out the ride, I throughly recommend the route!



Check the ride here!

Day 20: 5x10min Climbing Efforts

To round of this three day block nicely, what else but some solid climbing efforts! 5x10minutes in a variety of cadences, under overs and bursts all at or over threshold. I’m not going to lie, I expected this to crack me, after all the big days up to in and almost three weeks into the camp. But I survived! I hit every rep to the number and i am pretty chuffed!

And how better to top off a session but with jumping on the back of a Lotto-Jumbo rider doing some motor pacing! Holding race pace after a full session of hill reps is not easy!

Now into a recovery day before a BIG weekend!

Check the ride here!

Day 21: Aborted cafe day

With a Calpe storm blowing in, the planned recovery day became a sit inside and hiding from the rain kinda day. So that is what we did!

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