Chapter 2 – Culture Velo

So the time has come to announce my plans for next year. Next year I will be riding for Culture Velo based in L’Isle-Jourdain in the south of France along with CSCA Proprete 2000 for races in Guadeloupe.

The year will start out with the team training camp in Girona from Feb 17th-25th, then after that it straight to the team house in Limoux. I will be getting a confirmed race calendar when at the team camp so I will be posting that up once I have it. But the principle seems to be a handful of the Coup de France National Series (racing for CSCA Proprete 2000), along with some stage racing in mainland France and Guadeloupe and the odd time trial. I will be starting racing for Culture Velo as a 2nd category, so we will link up a lot with the Culture Velo Junior team to travel to 2nd category ranked races. I will be staying in a house (here on known as the Wattage Cottage) with a couple of good friends. The perfect enviroment to train!

During the year, I will be spending a month or so in Guadelope racing for CSCA Proprete 2000 in two main stage races, including the UCI Tour of Guadeloupe. More races are tbc.

Along with racing in France, I plan to race some of the big races in the UK still for Team OnForm like I did last year. I am hoping to ride CiCle Classic, Beaumont Trophy and National Championships and then possible a few hill climbs at the end of the year.

Check out my sponsors page to see all the amazing people helping me make it happen!

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