Chapter 2 – Prologue

Chapter 2. It is almost here. But before I announce my plans for next year, I have to say some thank you’s to everyone that has got me to where I am now, so in no particular order…

Thank you!

Clive – The guy that started it all. We met when the Tour Series came to Ipswich back in 2013. Just an old guy talking to people about cycling under an Ipswich Bicycle Club marquee. It changed a kid who had always ridden a bike turned into a cyclist. That day he persuaded me to make the switch from football and commit to cycling. Later that week I joined Ipswich Bicycle Club and a few weeks later went out on my first club ride. A couple months later and it really started to become an addiction! He lent me his cross bike to do my first race. This was the start of it all, to think that I am here now because of one man’s kind words 5 or 6 years ago. Absolute local HERO!

Angus – I started to get to know the good riders in the club, I got invited out on the chaingang and started to get a bit of fitness. Angus got me into the long winter rides. We got a good group of people together about 3 or 4 winters ago and we still go out every sunday. So many great memories, so many great rides. Along with that, Angus has been guiding me through the wacky world of time trialling. Having been the club champion for countless years, it was a shock and an honour to take 10, 25 and 50mile club records last year. And I think I can say their was no one more happy than Angus!

Ross, Steph, Gavin – Now riding with the better riders in the club, I made some great friends. I think it popped up on my facebook memories the other day, 4 years ago i met this lot. And to this day I don’t think we’ve gone a week without meeting for a cafe ride and chatting absolute shit about bikes and other random things that go on in our lives! We’ve done road trips, stage races, eatten many times our body weight in cake and every now and then we even win some bike races. Even when we aren’t together, we are always sending ridicolous snapchats. The highlight will always be the 2016 Ras de Cymru, so much funny stuff went on along with some solid pedal pushing. I’d post more pictures, but I’m too afraid Ross will post some of me…

These guys are always there for me, well there to take the piss, thats for sure. We’ve done some great things! We’ve done some stupid things! None of them will be forgotten!

Steve, Joanne – Now looking to expand my cycling knowledge and through links in the club I got my first saturday job at the local bike shop, Elmy Cycles Ipswich. Steve and Jo taught me all the bike mechanics I currently know. Then a few years on they helped me out with my trip to Martinique, funding and with a bike box (the importance will become clear!) and with a track bike for me to try and get my track accreditation. Support your local bike shops! Because they support local riders, and that is the basis of this great sport!


Mark – Now i really started to take the cycling seriously. And that meant only one thing. I had to get a coach. I’d read some books and had tried to coach myself, but without that massive knowledge base and outside view, it was never really going to work. I had some cash and it was time to invest, so I went to the best! Mark Walker. Saying he knows what he is talking about is such an understatement I don’t even know how to explain it. I also reckon I am an absolute pain to coach. He always tells me its good to be keen, but we need to learn to control it. And i think that pretty much sums it up. He’s yet to be wrong. I wouldn’t have progressed at the rate I have without his input, and i hope we can continue working together for the rest of my career!

Nathaniel – Nathaniel has always been a great friend to chat too. Always there no matter what. We have both got through some tough times, and are both stronger for it. He taught me how to take good photos too, not strictly cycling related but now my instagram looks better). We both had one of the greatest weeks when we went to Majorca, and there is more to come in Calpe in the new year. Loads of laughs and great memories. Also made this fucking awesome video for me!

Matt – Keeping me up to date on all things hipster. Whether its Lachlan Morton, Thereabouts, Taylor Phinney, Phil Gaimon, cookies, Foos, Testing or anything Slipstream related, we can talk about it for hours! He also road a 4man handbuilt thing 130miles, and because of that i have infinite respect. Apart from always having something cool to talk about, Matt has helped me when ever I have needed any physio work or advice. Always keeping me in shape and ready to perform at my best! I don’t think I’ve ever lost after getting a pre race leg rub?

Ps. I wish i could grow a tache like you…


Simon – Simon signed me as a bit of an unknown last winter. It was going to be my first race season on a proper team. It is fair to say it has been a success!  A year full of ups and downs but a solid season none the less with some performances and results I am super happy with. The support from Simon and the teams sponsors has been great and I look forward to wearing the kit in some select races again next year. But you will have to wait to hear about the other kit I will be wearing…

See more about the team here

Irvine – Irvine helped me get to Martinique earlier in the year, and then this winter he has helped me to have the best winter possible to set me up for next year. Along with the occasional pint for some moral. Thanks to him I am set up for a very strong winter and new year!

Dad – Because of everything. And really I don’t know how to say more than that.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone! I might have done, so i’m sorry in advance. I also think there are loads more stories I could share about all these people that have influenced my life and my so far short career, but I wouldn’t want to keep you here all day!

Key stats:

Since I started cycling: 1123 rides| 55,888.5km |

Since I started racing: 38,710km | 238,995m | 892591Kcal |

Next year is going to be BIG! So stay tuned…