Calpe 2k17 – Baby Steps

I have been in Calpe now for 4 day.

Which effectively means i’ve ridden a bike properly ( by that i mean outside) 4 times this year.

My condition is steadily improving now and i should be ready to resume full on training come the weekend. As is probably quite clear, i have brought my camera out to Spain and have been taking it out on my rides. Frankly, the scenery to stunning. Like nothing i have ever seen before. I made my best attempt to capture some of the views, to mixed results. If you have checked my ‘cycling’ page in the last few days you will have noticed that new pictures are popping up a fair bit. So below is all my good ( focused ) photos from the first days.

Apart from the photography, i have dabbled into videography. Badly, but an attempt none the less. Below is a link to my first attempt at producing a video with the Ricoh, and i am pretty happy with the results.

Then completely aside from the artiness, the real reason i am out here. The riding is truly next level. So far the biggest climb i have faced is the Col de Rates ( ) which was somewhat shorter than i expected but had me blowing none the less. Something that really sets it apart from my normal riding though is the huge descents. Comfortably hitting 60+kmh with smooth, wide, sweeping corners. So far i have managed to survive with just the one squeaky bum moment, and i would like to keep it that way!

The efforts will start soon and the camera will most likely be put aside, or at least i will be blowing too much to hold it steady…

Calpe 2k17 – Mission Get Fit Quick

Having arrived in Calpe this afternoon, settled into the villa and met all the lads, i have a very clear idea in my head of what i want and need to get out of this month. I start this month long adventure with i’d say 90-95% of my health. Not ideal but a darn sight better than last week.

My first race of the year is in exactly 5 weeks, to the day. I am planning to start my 2017 season, a big year for me, at the North Road Hardriders 40km TT. A fairly well known hilly 40km time trial just north of London. I would like to go well here, or at least have a hint of good sensations in the legs, and start the season off well. I feel like i spent a long time last year getting into the season, not really getting any results or going anywhere quickly in the early stages of the season. I would like to change that this year. I want to leave Calpe with some half decent form, allowing a week of recovery and then into the North Road with the mythical ‘good legs’. This seems like a long way away for me right now.

“My condition is less than ideal, ah” – A villa few of British guys putting on Belgium accents

The target then is pretty clear. I have a month to go from effectively a 2 week break, to hilly 40km time trial legs. Which by all training books and methods, should not be possible…

I am going to fight to prove these wrong though! I am in the best early season cycling location in Europe, even if it does seem like it at the moment with torrential rain which i am told has been constant for the last 2 days. But this is set to clear up as of Tuesday, so for the next few days i just have to suck it up and go climb some mountains in the rain, and begin my intrepid journey from flop to fitness…