Calpe 2K18 – EPIC Ride!

I appologise for being a bit behind schedule on these posts, the hole is getting deeper and my ability to focus on my laptop screen and produce words that are actually readable is deteriating. But here we go!

After the previous cafe day, we had a big weekend planned, before a rest day on monday and then another big week. Unfortunately the Calpe weather isn’t looking like it is going to play ball. We have had some fairly outrageous out of season weather here, highs of mid 20s, but now it is cooling off, just when the training days are getting bigger. Oh well. We push on!

Day 14: Spanish Storms = Mission Abort

The plan today was to head up into the mountains. Me and David had similar sessions to do, and we planned to do them up Tudons, re group at the top and head down the Gudalest descent back to Calpe. This did not go to plan!

We followed the coast road towards Benidorm before heading inland towards Finestrat and the bottom of Tudons. It immediantly started to look like a bad idea. The massive black cloud floating over the top of the mountains and already strong gusting winds weren’t looking promising. But we made it to Sella and attempted efforts.

We both made one effort, no where near target powers and it was all a bit of a waste of time. It got pretty hypothermic pretty quickly. When we got home, we checked back on the forecast when we got home and had warmed up, the real feel half way up the mountain at the time we were there was -4. We aborted.

Very sheepishly crept down the very very wet descent until we found a cafe to hide and warm up. A coffee and a boc later, we headed for home for our tails between our legs. Oh well, onto the next one.

Check the ride here!

Day 15: BIG DAY OUT – Valencia Ride

We all met up super early for this one, with the distant possibility it would be dark when we returned, we didn’t have much choice. The group assembled at Diamante and we rolled out along the coast, up Benissa, way way harder than anyone was expecting! Not really sure what happened there? And onto the N332, the road that would take us most of the way to Valencia.

The way there went super smoothly, it didn’t even feel like it took that long. The Valencia signs counted down the miles nicely. Apart from a couple of mechanicals it was smooth. Everyone took there turns and had a good chat in the group.

For a better idea of what it was like you should probably check out Lawrence’s vlog here!

We made it to Valencia, and by all I had seen it looked like a beautiful city. We were half way done and it was time to find some munch.

But unfortunatley we ended up in a less than ideal resturant, the club sandwich didnt touch the sides and an extra carrefour stop was needed for fuel on the way home.

I think we timed it perfectly in the end, we left Valencia with about 3 hours of daylight left, which meant it was going to be a hard ride home no matter what. It was chain tight, but sensible until about 50km from Calpe when the through and off started. And from then on all guns blazing back to Calpe. I made it most of the way, just not quite hanging with the top boys up the final few drags.

We were back home and all pretty destroyed, but it was time to get a vast amount of food in and put the feet up before tomorrows session!


Check the ride here!

Day 16: 4hrs w/ Climbing Efforts

I have to say, this morning was the worst I’ve felt so far on camp! The ATL numbers are far higher than they have been before, and after a 6.5hour day, its noticeable in the legs. I was feeling empty, I think I ate all the bars I had for the ride with in the first hour.

It was meant to be a steady endurance ride for the first part at least, I had some efforts to do afterwards but we will get onto that bit. However when riding through the olive fields we somehow tagged on the back of some form of Belgium chaingang. It would have been rude not to ride through!

It started with us just forming our own line, before the pace increased and we tucked in and gradually made our way up into the wind, before hitting the front and openning the taps. Not entirely sure how, but we ended up dropping the lot of them.

So it was fairly inevitable when I went pop and had to call for an emergency cafe stop before the final km’s home.

Check the ride here!

Day 17: Recovery Day

Nothing massive to report. All I know is that i needed it. And it helped! Onto the next block!


Day 18: Sprint efforts w/ a little gas

The agenda for the day was to find some top end! 8x30sec sprints, trying to keep all the powers consistent. And I ended up nailing all of them to target power, I surprised myself!

After that we cruised across to the coast to do some exploring, before heading home for the day.

Then came a somewhat impromptu effort which I didn’t have planned. I set out to ride the montgo climb at threshold just to do a longer effort in the ride, but that lasted about 2-3mins before I just started gassing it. I got to the top in just over 10mins and set a new 10min power pb by a couple of watts. That makes it 4 PB numbers for the trip so far, so considering the deep fatigue the legs must be getting stronger and I look forward to what they will be able to kick out once I get out of this hole.

At the top of Montgo we headed out to the lighthouse, and it was an incredible view! I can’t really describe it, so I hope the pictures do it justice!

Ollie Jones Bianchi

Check the ride here!

Day 19: 5.5hr Endurance

I have to say, today was just an incredible ride! It was the first time I have really explored deep into the mountains around Calpe. I don’t really know how to describe it, it was just great fun!

Solid group of guys, perfect route filled with long climbs and grippy bergy roads and finishing with a long descent back into town. I don;t think I need to say any more, check out the ride, I throughly recommend the route!



Check the ride here!

Day 20: 5x10min Climbing Efforts

To round of this three day block nicely, what else but some solid climbing efforts! 5x10minutes in a variety of cadences, under overs and bursts all at or over threshold. I’m not going to lie, I expected this to crack me, after all the big days up to in and almost three weeks into the camp. But I survived! I hit every rep to the number and i am pretty chuffed!

And how better to top off a session but with jumping on the back of a Lotto-Jumbo rider doing some motor pacing! Holding race pace after a full session of hill reps is not easy!

Now into a recovery day before a BIG weekend!

Check the ride here!

Day 21: Aborted cafe day

With a Calpe storm blowing in, the planned recovery day became a sit inside and hiding from the rain kinda day. So that is what we did!

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Ollie Jones Calpe

Calpe 2k18 – The Suffering Begins!

DayWhile at home, with all the long working hours, late nights and irregular sleep, I always found i was never in the state to do any real quality suffering on the turbo (or on the road, the road is just much colder). We found I could easily complete a set one week but then not make one effort the next, it was very strange. So we changed the plan around so that all my top end work would be while I was out here in Calpe.

So now it is time to do those efforts! Keep reading to see a day by day breakdown of my next block!

Day 7: 2.3hrs w/ 5x30sec Full Gas

The day after a rest day, I expected to feel better than I did. I was planning on following my efforts with a longer endurance ride with Sam but after finishing the efforts it was clear this would not be possible.

We rolled out towards Rates, I was going to do my efforts up the drag leading into the climb and he was going to do an effort up the climb. The timings worked well really.

I was super happy to see I hit quite a big PB power on the first effort. It is nice to see the gym work over the winter months has really improved my top up strength. Now it is just time to get the lungs to back it up on the longer efforts.

I wasn’t feeling particually amazing after the efforts, so told Sam to go on and rolled home solo. It was time for some lunch.

Day 8: 5hrs w/ 5x6min Climbing Efforts

We had a nice big group rolling out this morning. A combination of two villas. We headed out following the coast towards Denia, up and over montgo and towards the olive fields. It was a really strong group. Riding well together, everyone taking there turns on the front and keeping the pace steady.

After Pego, a few of the lads peeled off to do a longer loop, they had six hours in the plan to our four.

We continued on, back towards Parcent and Jalor, and they tried one of the roads less ridden. The backside of Pinos, a 10km long drag up to 600metres. We then all realised why we never ride up here. The roughest, bumpiest descent you could imagine. Think Paris-Roubaix sector going down 10%. Some questionable descending later we made it to the bottom and onto the N-332 down into Calpe.

It was time for Tango Bar. I needed a Cafe Bonbon before the efforts begin.

Then it was off to the Benissa climb and the climbing efforts. Five efforts of 6minutes. Two at Z3 in a monsterous gear. Two at threshold. Then for the last one, with Benissa being a 10minute climb, I rode 6minutes at threshold then rode hard to the top of the climb. That lead to a nice surprise when getting to the top. I had hit a 3min and 5min PB power! That is power PBs two days in a row. I can’t complain with that. It is really pleasing to see the winter training working and hitting good numbers ahead of the race season.

Ollie Jones CalpeOllie Jones Calpe

Check out the ride here!

Day 9: 5hrs Endurance

Nothing really to report here. To be honest, I am writing this much later than the day. I didn’t really have anything to report so I just let it slide.

We headed up into the mountains, first time up Tudons this camp. I did realise last year I didn’t fully make the most of the mountains here, so I am making it a point to ride in the mountains as much as possible to get as much elevation in the legs as possible before I head to France.

It was the end of a long week, I was looking forward to a day of cake and legs up tomorrow!

Check out the ride here!

Day 10: Full Rest Day

After a solid first week. 27 hours in total with a few power PBs and some very solid days. It was time to chill. No bikes will be ridden today.

Similar to thursday, but in the car, we went down to Altea and Origen Coffee Roasters for breakfast. This was the second incredible breakfast they had delivered. This time opting for the New York Pastrami Bagel along with Granola and a smoothie. Along with a couple of flat whites of course.

We had been there a while, and were starting to think about seconds, when Michael Matthews showed up. That makes it two visits to this cafe both with a world tour sprinter. We had a a great chat, such a nice guy who took 45minutes out of his rest day to chat to us about pretty much anything. His bike! Holy crap his bike! He was riding a custom painted green Giant Propel with what looked like a very very very custom front end. It looked like it was straight off a Trinity. Very interestingly too, he was on disc brakes. And he was 100% for them! He made some very fair arguments, and I am almost starting to concede. Not on a race bike, but on a training/adventure bike I am starting to get quite keen.

Read more about the cafe here!

Day 11: 3.5hrs w/ Sprint Efforts

We headed out into the beaming sun. The legs were out and it was time to top up the tan. Getting a serious head start on everyone at home!

We planned a similar route to the other day, out over Montgo, through Denia and over to the olive fields for the sprint efforts. Two sets of 4x10secs with a minute hard running into each sprint to get the speed up. They went well really, what I would expect this time of year. I find the real top end sprint work comes from racing, so once the races start I am sure with all the work I have done over winter I will be hitting new powers!

Check out the ride here!

Day 12: 5hrs w/ KOM hunting up Tudons & 5x30sec efforts

There was one aim for today. The KOM from the bottom of Tudons to the top. The group rolled out and moral was high. Its a 40km lumpy route there, but we span along nicely.

With a pee stop and a team talk just before the bottom we hit the descent and started the effort when the road headed north. Definitely too hard to start with. I was straight into the red. Not ideal at the start of a 40minute effort. We took our turns on the front and the pace was high. For me, too high. I was with the group for 20minutes before dropping off to ride my own pace up the climb. The up and down nature of the effort in the group is not to my strengths or to the training I have currently done.

I made my own way to the top, reaching the sunmmit and seeing the cheerful faces of people that were fairly certain they had achieved their goal. But they wouldn’t know until we got home.

Down the descent, towards Callosa. I turned off to do the efforts that had been perscribed to me for the day. 20mins tempo with 30sec attacks. It was perfectly timed to the top of Tarbena. And from then on a descent and a tail wind home. Happy Days.

I saw the Sunweb boys testing out the TT bikes ahead of the time trial into Calpe next Friday. They all looked fast. Really really fast!

Check out the ride here!

Day 13: 90mins Recovery Cafe Day

Time to enjoy the cafe before a big weekend! Nothing more to say really. Pros were spotted and cake consumed. Now I have to go stretch and get ready for a big three days!

Ollie Jones Calpe


Stay tuned for more posts!

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Calpe Dimension Data Cafe

Cafe Connoisseur Ep2 – D-Origen Coffee Roasters – Altea

Its our first recovery day in Calpe, which means we had to check out the go to cafe destination in the area! D-Origen Coffee Roasters in Altea. We chose the right time too, running into Team Dimension Data. See how we found it here! Or see how the week was here!


So we headed here for breakfast, but in the end tried pretty much most of the range of food on offer. I’ll start with the more food based options. I started with a salmon bagel, with cream cheese and chia seeds. I added some fresh olive oil and I have to say it was mega! It really hit the spot after not eatting since dinner the previous evening. I followed it up with some granola, yoghurt and fresh fruit topped with honey. A staple for breakfast and a good hit of protein and vitamins.

Sam was with me and started with the avocado on wholemeal seeded toast. I didn’t try any myself, but he has told me it was the best bread he has had. He also followed with the granola and yoghurt.

Still hungry, as cyclists on rest days are, we dove back in for more. Sam opting for a much healthier option than me. He, not getting enough of the toast, went for chopped tomato on toast, a spanish special and I, amazed by the fact I hadn’t had any cake on the trip yet, had cake. My favourite infact, a nice slice of carrot cake.

It is fair to say the cake game is strong. Not huge, but really really tasty! Will 100% be heading back on multiple occassions during the next month!


As you’d expect from a coffee roasters, the coffee is good! I had two flat whites and Sam went for a cortado followed by a flat white. Both of us as somewhat high on the coffee snobbery scale, so we knew what we wanted. We both ranked it very highly. I didn’t check what roast they were using at the time but it was full of flavour and kept us going for the whole afternoon.

The menu as included a range of smoothies, I would imagine very refreshing in the hot sun, as well as teas and soft drinks. Something else that grabbed our attention was the cold brew coffee. Neither of us tried it but have agreed we will return before efforts to try some.


Situated at the end of the Altea beach (Benidorm side), just down a little side street in an amazing sun trap. To be totally honest it doesn’t get much better. There is room out the front for plenty of people to lean bikes, not masses of seating considering the popularity, so get there early if you want a big table, but on the whole a perfect spot to sip on a cortado and take off the leg warmers to get a head start on the tan compared to the people back home.

Calpe Dimension Data Cafe D-Origen Coffee Roasters



Great Coffee!

Outrageous Snacky Food!

Solid Cake Offerings!

Awesome Sun Trap to Work on the Tan!

Hotspot for Pro Spotting

Quick Service



No eggs

Not enough seating



Calpe 2k18 – The Start of the 2018 Season

So I am heading back to Calpe for another year. Here it is…Calpe 2k18!

Travel Day:

This was an interesting one. So I was working the night before and our flight left in the early hours of the morning.

But during the day it was pretty normal, was meant to be packing my life into a suitcase, but instead sat at a cafe with a few friends. Normal activity really. Then cramming all my packing into about an hour. Standard.

After that it was off to work, just another boring Friday night shift in a bar in January. I got home about 1:30am, but with the combined effect of the loud music, the cold cycle home and the absurd amount of coffee I’d drank, I wasn’t getting to sleep any time soon. So tuned it to some Netflix in the hope it my knock me out for the 2 available hours of sleep. This did not happen. Instead I just stayed up until 3:30am when I had to leave to get to the airport. Thankfully, Dad was willing to get up and take me there. Although he didn’t get much say in the matter.

Apart from the general drowsiness and the clumsiness that goes with it, the journey was smooth. Two and a half hour flight to Allicante, coach to calpe, taxi from the bus station to the villa. Sorted.

Luckily despite being on a different flight to the London boys, we all arrived at a similar time. It was time to build the bikes and head out for a spin to alleviate the plane legs.

Day 1: 4hr w/ Z3 Climbs

After probably the best sleep of my life, it was the first time i’ve slept more than 6hours since I was in Majorca, we got up bright and early to make the most of the sun and headed into the mountains for a 4hour loop. Starting up Benissa, then Rates, then Guadelest. A few of us in the group rode the climbs at zone 3, just keeping the chain tight basically. I still haven’t really gone up to zone 4 or 5 since the race season, but I can bare with zone 3 no problems.

After the climbs we hit the imfamous “red road” descent, straight open and smooth roads. We went racing down, Lawrence came flying past at the top and wasn’t seen again, taking all the corners on the top tube like a mad man. Thankfully we all made it to the bottom in one piece, and from then on it was all plain sailing back to Calpe along the coast road.

It was the perfect ride to just open the legs after the travel day. Even after just the one nights sleep I feel so much better. I’m sure that after a week or so of proper training routine and focus, I will feel like a different person. Not a different person, but actually just me. How I should be.

Ollie Jones Col de Rates Le Col

Ollie Jones Le Col Ninja


Check the ride here!

Day 2: 3hrs w/ Sprints

The order of the day was 4x10sec sprints. We had to delay the start a little today just to let the clouds disperse, and after that we headed out up Benissa the same as yesterday. But instead of up Rates, we headed straight up to Pego and back towards the coast and Denia.

Along a few rolling roads we made it to the Pego olive fields. The straighest and flattest road we could find. The group split up and everyone did there own sprint efforts. I got my efforts done. The power wasn’t quite where I wanted but considering I haven’t done any sprints since the race season it’ll do for now. I’ve got a month to transfer the gym strength onto the bike, so there is no worries.

Lawrence Carpenter Villa

Check the ride here!

Day 3: 5hrs with 5x Climbing Efforts

I started the day riding 3hrs with the guys (and gal now), we headed out over Rates and up the Mordor road to Castell de Castelles. A road pretty much designed to crack any time trialist to me. Constant 200-300m ramps of 12-15%. Not the kind of road I like to ride.

After the grim climbs, we hit what may be the longest descent i’ve ever ridden. Atleast 15km, but to be fair I haven’t checked the segment. From Castell de Castelles all the way down to Parcent is a wide sweeping road. We had a nice group of 5 so got a smooth through and off rolling round to keep the pace up and were going to be in town in no time. The coffee stop was looming.

Calpe Matt Clements

We headed straight for Tango Bar by the beach. A calpe villa staple. Sadly, I only had time for a bonbon before I headed off to Benissa to do my efforts for the day. Already 3.5hours in meant that it would be a solid day. I had five efforts up the Benissa climb to do, a couple low cadence and a couple threshold, nothing too crazy this early in the camp, but more intensity than i had been doing so far this winter. To be totally honest after a few good nights sleep I am starting to feel a lot more like myself. The legs are improving and the moral in the villa is high. I am certain it will only improve. So bring it on.

Calpe Villa Crew

Calpe Ollie Jones

Check the ride here!

Day 5: 4.5hrs Z2

With the rest of the villa on a rest day before a Rates smash tomorrow, it was just me and Sam heading out early to get our training in. We headed out together towards Parcent, where we split and went our seperate ways. I headed up to Pego, aiming for Val d’Ebo, a famous climb around here which I haven’t done yet. So it was awesome to hit up some new roads. After that I got well and truly lost in the mountains. Just kept on pedalling. And I enjoyed every minute. Dispite the infamously named ‘Mordor road’ up to Tollos. It took a solid 3.5hrs to do 75km. From the beach in Calpe up to 800m in a weird ass way, 1800m in climbing altogether.

Thankfully after that it was plain sailing home. The same descent from yesterday down from Castelles, a fast run in all the way to town.

I had to make a quick stop off in Parcent for water, I had gone the best part of 4hours on 2bottles and was feeling it pretty bad. The food situation was fine, breakfast and 2 cereal bars had got me through no problems, but the increase in temperature had made water more vital. Even if I am still refusing to remove my leg warmers.

Overall I am really getting into training camp life. I ended the ride and ice bathed my legs in the pool for 10minutes and then made lunch. Yes dad, I am cooking and no, no one has died!

Check the ride here!


Nice early start this morning. With the upstairs crew heading out to Rates, once again it was just me and Sam heading for the cafe. Certainly needed after a few big days. We are heading down to D-Origen Coffee Roasters in Altea, and we are heading out early so we can get breakfast there and make the most of the beautiful scenes riding along the coast road with the sun rise.

Turns out we timed it perfectly, as five minutes after we arrived, so did Dimension Data. Serge Pauwels, Cavendish the lot. We were pretty happy, the only way this day could have got better is if Lachy was there.

Look out for Cafe Connoisseur Ep2 coming soon!

After a perfect breakfast, we rolled out back to Calpe for a second stop at Tango, before a pitstop at Consum and then back to the house.

After a nice stretch the legs are feeling much better after the spin out, ready to go into the next few big days before another rest day on monday. Here goes a big weekend!

Check the ride here!


Stay tuned for more posts!

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Ollie Jones Col de Rates Le Col

Essentials: Le Col Neck Warmer

Ollie Jones Col de Rates Le Col

I have thought about writing some reviews for a while now, so here we go. I won’t be writing one for everything, but for those few select items which are now always at the top of my kit draw…

Essential for those early morning starts and long descents, the fleecy inner keeps you warm and sets it apart from any normal lycra buff. A must have item!

Check it out –> Le Col Neck Warmer

Read more about my sponsorship from Le Col and great companies here!

Calpe 2K17 is drawing to a close…

I am in my final few days here in Calpe. The villa has been home for the last 3 and a half weeks now, a few hiccups, but overall it has done well. For the first 3 weeks, we even managed to keep it quite clean. Until Ross arrived, then it appears to have got worse (he admitted to me yesterday that he hasn’t actually read any of my blogs despite being my best friend, so he won’t see this).

I guess i should probably recap on my time here, or tell you guys about some of the best/most interesting moments at least!

  1. Meeting new people – Something i admit i am not very good at. I am used to keeping myself to myself and staying within a very close knit of friends. At first coming out to a foreign county and staying in a villa full of random people was quite daunting. However, with a villa full of like minded, determined people, who all just love riding our bikes, we all got along perfectly. The banter was strong, and the gains even stronger. I do have to say, i’ve never learnt so much about memes in a week. So a big thank you to you guys! You know who you are. #TeamDownstairs4Life
  2. Riding new roads – Quite a change from the bumpy, pot-hole covered lanes of Suffolk. Every road here seems like its straight from a race circuit. Everything is grippy and you can throw the bike into every corner with no fear of any road imperfections. Which has certainly led to some fun times attacking down descents. Apart from the road surface itself, the shear variety of roads here is incredible. I guess that is why it is such a hotspot for cyclists. Anything from long straight roads through the olive fields, straight from a testers dream, to steep, winding climbs that test even the toughest rider. The climbs have certainly been the most interesting aspect for me, even though i appear to made a bit of a habit of getting spat…
  3. Seeing the pros – Personally i see this as the biggest difference between cycling and any other sport. Most of the pro teams have left Calpe now, to head of to other warm countries to start their racing calendars. But for the first 2 weeks i was out here, i don’t think i went on a ride without seeing some form of professional team. Anything from European Conti teams to the biggest World Tour teams in the world. And we got to ride with all of them! What other sport can you train with the icons of the sport? Highlights have to be; rolling out of town with Giant Sunweb, hanging on to TopSport Vlaanderen during there cool down back to Calpe and getting a wave from Olympic Gold Medallist Greg Van Avermaet.
  4. It’s always sunny in Spain! – Well that is certainly a lie! Flipping glad Dad made me pack my rain cape now! “You never know”, he said. Sure as hell, the first 2 days i was out here i don’t think it stopped raining! Worst its been in years according to the locals…just my luck.
  5. Focused Training – With readily available climbs of 10min+, my focus for this camp has been on longer, time-trial-like efforts, with the intention of adding in the short sharp efforts when i return home on the turbo and with racing. Being something that i just cannot do at home this has done wonders for my legs, and hopefully it will show during the season.

Sadly, i will be heading back to cold, rainy Ipswich on Saturday night. Back to the normal training and working routines. I am sure it will be a tough transition at first, but something i have to deal with. Anyway it is only a week now until my first race for Team OnForm, North Road Hardriders 40km Time Trial. And i will be collecting my kit in the next week or so, so stay tuned for the pictures!

Lastly, a big thank you to Lawrence and Sarah for sorting the villa and making my trip possible!! I will certainly be seeing you all again next year!!

Calpe 2k17 – Big Day Out!

I think it is safe to say, many gains were made today.

5hrs and 10min, 2640meters of climbing at 240np.

It started by cruising along the fast road all the way down to Benidorm, with a few wrong turns and an impromptu stop at aldi to try and buy a battery for my power meter. Apart from that it was plain sailing. But once at Benidorm, we swung a right and the climbing began! The early ramps of Tudons began. Also the segment from the motorway all the way to the top is now my new biggest climb, happy days. 3 grueling 10min efforts later and i reached the top, where i duly waited for George. The main section of the climb from Sella was a bit of a bitch. The first half was rather inconsistent, and i am sure half of it was downhill. Then the second half continued to be inconsistent, but this time with numerous steep ramps around tight hairpins. Which made the rest between efforts less of a rest! Sadly we couldn’t take the right hander up towards the army base the Vuelta took a few years back, although i am not sure whether my legs wanted the climb to keep going! The view from the top was something to behold. I hadn’t heading into the Spanish mountains yet, despite being here almost 3 weeks. A complete change to the desert like landscape lower down towards Calpe. Then after a reasonably short descent we started to climb again before starting the long descent to Callosa and the last climb of the day up the back side of the Col de Rates. Quite a long descent. But it was ruined by the weather from a few weeks back. With dirt and gravel all over the road we really had to scrub speed. It did lead to some fun skidding around without a care in the world. George described my techniques as “ballsy”on some of the gravelly corners, i was just having a great time!

As the climb started, George demanded to sit on the front because i was apparently “pushing too much” on the previous climbs. Despite this he started riding with some fair intent to drop me. Which initially worked, because i decided to back off and ride my own tempo up the climb. Although as this was going on, George cracked, much to my amusement. So i quickly passed him and put some far distance between me and him by the time i got to the top. Before starting the descent, i stopped for a pee, which gave George an idea. He would begin the descent, then i would chase, being the faster descender. So i absolutely railed the descent, full gas from the top, topping out at over 80kmh. Making the tires squeal round a few of the corners until i caught George and flew past him up the inside into a tight right hander.

We then begin hacking home, which ramped and ramped on the descent into Calpe, on the famous N-332 and ended in a cheeky attack for the town sign. After that it was just rolling through town and crashing out at the villa totally ruined.

All in all, a very solid day out, and sure to make both of us better bike riders…

Anatomy of a Photo: The Euro Look

The euro look is something we all strive for, or as Velominati put it; “Being casually deliberate“, a phrase i absolutely love!

I would like to think i rate cycling style quite highly. I never leave the house without checking my socks are straight and my cap is level. I’d say to date this is my best effort ( even if it is somewhat ruined by my smile and the snotty arm warmer from the efforts i’d done that morning ). But rolling down the waterfront in Altea cruising with zero effort in the Spanish sun was super fun, but i was clearly getting ‘out pro-ed’ by well, a pro…



Maybe if i keep my cycling style in such high regard for many more years, one day i will be able to have those levels of casually deliberate while riding, or maybe even get to the levels of some of my cycling heroes.

Calpe 2k17 – Rest Day Vibes

Now 2 weeks into my month long stay here in Calpe, i find myself on my first full rest day.

Basically this means guilt free eating for a day, thats how it works right? I have abided by the normal rest day rules; staying off my feet, eating, drinking and stretching. The only time i have left my laptops side have been to clean and tinker with my bike and to roll down to the cafe for a coffee and slab of cake with the lads.  Pretty normal stuff.

However, rest day does mean a hard session is in order the next day, so smash it is. And smash it will be…



Calpe 2k17 – Cumbre Del Sol

I am coming to the end of my first week here in Calpe. And what better way to end it than up one of the toughest and most grueling climbs in the area?

Enter, Cumbre Del Sol ( ) , 3.6km of pure pain which reaches out from the mainland near Moraira, nicknamed Cumbre Del C*@t by the lads as we rolled towards it. It’s brutally steep, with the first kilometer resembling a brick wall far more than a road. Having seen the pros climb this beast so gracefully and with ease in the 2015 Vuelta a Espana, and seeing the out and out climbers being out done by time trial guru Tom Dumoulin ( ) , i thought there was hope for the time trialer within me. I was wrong. I got spat. Very spat.



But it did bring a nice end to a fantastic week. 19.5hrs, 510km and just over 8000m of climbing – equivalent to a pretty big month back home in Suffolk – along with great banter and chilled nights in the villa. It is rather strange, back home i am quite odd, because i am an 18 year old who likes to go to bed early, get up early and has an excessive addiction to exercise. But here, it appears completely normal. In fact, there is a house full of people here, all exactly the same.

“Can tomorrows ride be 2watts?” – J

As much as i am loving riding the mountains, i am more than looking forward to a cafe ride tomorrow. Cruising about 20mins down the road, to sit in the sun and drink an exceptionally nice coffee while making an attempt on topping up my tan lines sounds like a dream right now…