Calpe Dimension Data Cafe

Cafe Connoisseur Ep2 – D-Origen Coffee Roasters – Altea

Its our first recovery day in Calpe, which means we had to check out the go to cafe destination in the area! D-Origen Coffee Roasters in Altea. We chose the right time too, running into Team Dimension Data. See how we found it here! Or see how the week was here!


So we headed here for breakfast, but in the end tried pretty much most of the range of food on offer. I’ll start with the more food based options. I started with a salmon bagel, with cream cheese and chia seeds. I added some fresh olive oil and I have to say it was mega! It really hit the spot after not eatting since dinner the previous evening. I followed it up with some granola, yoghurt and fresh fruit topped with honey. A staple for breakfast and a good hit of protein and vitamins.

Sam was with me and started with the avocado on wholemeal seeded toast. I didn’t try any myself, but he has told me it was the best bread he has had. He also followed with the granola and yoghurt.

Still hungry, as cyclists on rest days are, we dove back in for more. Sam opting for a much healthier option than me. He, not getting enough of the toast, went for chopped tomato on toast, a spanish special and I, amazed by the fact I hadn’t had any cake on the trip yet, had cake. My favourite infact, a nice slice of carrot cake.

It is fair to say the cake game is strong. Not huge, but really really tasty! Will 100% be heading back on multiple occassions during the next month!


As you’d expect from a coffee roasters, the coffee is good! I had two flat whites and Sam went for a cortado followed by a flat white. Both of us as somewhat high on the coffee snobbery scale, so we knew what we wanted. We both ranked it very highly. I didn’t check what roast they were using at the time but it was full of flavour and kept us going for the whole afternoon.

The menu as included a range of smoothies, I would imagine very refreshing in the hot sun, as well as teas and soft drinks. Something else that grabbed our attention was the cold brew coffee. Neither of us tried it but have agreed we will return before efforts to try some.


Situated at the end of the Altea beach (Benidorm side), just down a little side street in an amazing sun trap. To be totally honest it doesn’t get much better. There is room out the front for plenty of people to lean bikes, not masses of seating considering the popularity, so get there early if you want a big table, but on the whole a perfect spot to sip on a cortado and take off the leg warmers to get a head start on the tan compared to the people back home.

Calpe Dimension Data Cafe D-Origen Coffee Roasters



Great Coffee!

Outrageous Snacky Food!

Solid Cake Offerings!

Awesome Sun Trap to Work on the Tan!

Hotspot for Pro Spotting

Quick Service



No eggs

Not enough seating