Majorca 2k17 – Going uphill

Thanks for all the views on the last post. I have to say I think it is by far the best blog I have written to date and it appears you guys liked it too. Love you guys. x

With the general health of the house starting to improve, we upped the volume a little for the next few days to start making the most of the climbs before a cafe run on Friday (when you will be reading this), and the final day of riding on Saturday. The fitness may have not been high, but the moral certainly was! Continue reading “Majorca 2k17 – Going uphill”

Majorca 2k17 – The Backwards Training Camp

This is probably going to seem very strange. Like really, really strange. But I haven’t come here to Majorca to do a massive training camp.

“OMG”, “Ollie why are you wasting your time”, “Train harder dammit!”. Yeah I hear you. That was sort of my initial thoughts. But now they have passed… Continue reading “Majorca 2k17 – The Backwards Training Camp”

Cafe Connoisseur Ep1 – The Cyclist – Sudbury

With my monthly meet up with my coach scheduled for this week, and a recent discovery of a new cycling cafe in Sudbury. It was a good opportunity to try it out. You know me, I can’t miss the chance to try a cafe. So here it is, my comprehensive review of the Cyclist, Sudbury… Continue reading “Cafe Connoisseur Ep1 – The Cyclist – Sudbury”