• AmsterDAM
    As you will have likely seen if you are alive on instagram recently; Me, Liam Yates and Josh Monk have just returned from the Continent, riding from Amsterdam to Ashdown Forest (and a bit more) over the weekend. Here is the story… For a more indepth view check: ThingsThatHappen Day One: Amsterdam – antwerp Quite … Continue reading AmsterDAM
  • Bike Check: Pink Panther CX Bike
    So to start with…this bike isn’t mine! So I have to say a HUGE thank you to Matt for lending me this for the cross season! It really is a beauty! To be totally honest, I’m not really the person to write a review on a cross bike! My skills are sub par to say … Continue reading Bike Check: Pink Panther CX Bike
  • Cross is here!
    So…here it is! I am now two cross races down into this “season”. Here’s roughly how they went… The first race weren’t so fantastic, but I learnt a hell of a lot very quickly! All be it my second off road ride in about 5years, since I last rode cross. It was at Hilly Fields, … Continue reading Cross is here!
  • Simpson Magazine Eels Foot Ride
    So you may have noticed I have been some what quiet over the last couple of months. Long story short, I’ve had a lot of s@*t to deal with since returning from France in June and it hasn’t been an easy time for me. There has been a lot of things to get straight in … Continue reading Simpson Magazine Eels Foot Ride
  • No one said it would be easy
    As you may have noticed, you probably didn’t, but I have been pretty quiet recently. I think it is fair to say not a lot has gone my way so far this year with illness, crashes and general bad luck and this came to a crescendo last week. My body was clearly fighting something, but … Continue reading No one said it would be easy
  • CiCle Classic – First UCI Race
    Now this is a race I have wanted to do for a very long time! So I am very happy to say it is my first experience of a UCI race and a classic style of race! That’s to say, long and fast! I flew home early in the week, it was really nice to catch … Continue reading CiCle Classic – First UCI Race
  • On The Move
    Primeviere Montoise: After a chilled out week, including a couple of days away from the bike, I was feeling refreshed and motivated ahead of the double header weekend of elite races. It is pretty fair to say, after realising straight away in the race that I had refound my legs and was out of the … Continue reading On The Move
  • 10 Things for a full time rider to do that isn’t riding your bike!
    As I am starting to learn, cycling full-time isn’t just cycling full time. Even on big weeks, you still have entire afternoons with seemingly not much to do. Apart from eating, cleaning, sleeping and more eating! But as I am starting to get into a routine and trying new things I thought I could give … Continue reading 10 Things for a full time rider to do that isn’t riding your bike!
  • Onwards and Upwards!
    I’ve been in France for two weeks now, I’ve been staying with the team and we have been travelling all over to the first two rounds of the DN3 Coup de France. It has been an eventful few weeks, I am certainly starting to experience the pro racer life style. It is taking some adjusting! … Continue reading Onwards and Upwards!
  • Culture Velo Team Camp
    The aventure begins! I am now here in Lloret de Marr at the Culture Velo pre season training camp. Here’s how it’s going! A quick point! I would like to start by saying how accommodating the team and team staff have been to me, Oli and Harry. None of us speak much French (we are … Continue reading Culture Velo Team Camp
  • New Partnership – Pedal Potential
    Some of you may know ( I have been tagging them in various posts and on instagram ), but if you don’t…listen up! For the 2018 race season I am really pleased to say I am being supported by Pedal Potential. A group of like minded individuals that help young racers like me reach the … Continue reading New Partnership – Pedal Potential
  • Bike Check: Team OnForm Bianchi Oltre Xr4
    As many of you know, I have been trying to sell my Bianchi Oltre Xr4 for some time now, but as some of you don’t know, I have a buyer ready and waiting for my return to the UK. So before it goes, I thought it was only fair to do round two of my … Continue reading Bike Check: Team OnForm Bianchi Oltre Xr4
  • Calpe 2K18 – EPIC Ride!
    I appologise for being a bit behind schedule on these posts, the hole is getting deeper and my ability to focus on my laptop screen and produce words that are actually readable is deteriating. But here we go! After the previous cafe day, we had a big weekend planned, before a rest day on monday … Continue reading Calpe 2K18 – EPIC Ride!
  • Calpe 2k18 – The Suffering Begins!
    DayWhile at home, with all the long working hours, late nights and irregular sleep, I always found i was never in the state to do any real quality suffering on the turbo (or on the road, the road is just much colder). We found I could easily complete a set one week but then not … Continue reading Calpe 2k18 – The Suffering Begins!
  • Cafe Connoisseur Ep2 – D-Origen Coffee Roasters – Altea
    Its our first recovery day in Calpe, which means we had to check out the go to cafe destination in the area! D-Origen Coffee Roasters in Altea. We chose the right time too, running into Team Dimension Data. See how we found it here! Or see how the week was here! Food: So we headed … Continue reading Cafe Connoisseur Ep2 – D-Origen Coffee Roasters – Altea
  • Calpe 2k18 – The Start of the 2018 Season
    So I am heading back to Calpe for another year. Here it is…Calpe 2k18! Travel Day: This was an interesting one. So I was working the night before and our flight left in the early hours of the morning. But during the day it was pretty normal, was meant to be packing my life into … Continue reading Calpe 2k18 – The Start of the 2018 Season
  • Essentials: Le Col Neck Warmer
    I have thought about writing some reviews for a while now, so here we go. I won’t be writing one for everything, but for those few select items which are now always at the top of my kit draw… Essential for those early morning starts and long descents, the fleecy inner keeps you warm and … Continue reading Essentials: Le Col Neck Warmer
  • New Partnership – Le Col
    For 2018 I have been selected to be a Le Col Influencer. Le Col are a well established British based brand, founded by ex-pro and GB rider Yanto Barker in 2009. They strive to create top of the range, performance based cycling apparel. I am incredibly honoured to be able to use it as training … Continue reading New Partnership – Le Col
  • Chapter 2 – Culture Velo
    So the time has come to announce my plans for next year. Next year I will be riding for Culture Velo based in L’Isle-Jourdain in the south of France along with CSCA Proprete 2000 for races in Guadeloupe. The year will start out with the team training camp in Girona from Feb 17th-25th, then after … Continue reading Chapter 2 – Culture Velo
  • A Three Day Adventure
    The mentality: With the race season only 3 months away and Calpe less then a week, at this time of the year the training is very serious and the numbers become very important. This weekend could be my last opportunity for a while to go on an adventure, chill out and just enjoy the ride. … Continue reading A Three Day Adventure
  • Anatomy of a Photo: 2017
    It seems this is the done thing…so here is my favourite images from 2017! I don’t really think i need to describe any of them!
  • Anatomy of a Photo: The Team Camp House
    There is something about training camp houses which just set them apart from any other house. You truly have to be part of one to get it, but I will try and explain in this Anatomy of a Photo!
  • Chapter 2 – Prologue
    Chapter 2. It is almost here. But before I announce my plans for next year, I have to say some thank you’s to everyone that has got me to where I am now, so in no particular order…
  • Majorca 2k17 – The Final.
    If you haven’t already caught up, I have been blogging all of our antics here in Majorca. Check out the principal of the camp here!
  • Majorca 2k17 – Going uphill
    Thanks for all the views on the last post. I have to say I think it is by far the best blog I have written to date and it appears you guys liked it too. Love you guys. x With the general health of the house starting to improve, we upped the volume a little … Continue reading Majorca 2k17 – Going uphill
  • Majorca 2k17 – The Backwards Training Camp
    This is probably going to seem very strange. Like really, really strange. But I haven’t come here to Majorca to do a massive training camp. “OMG”, “Ollie why are you wasting your time”, “Train harder dammit!”. Yeah I hear you. That was sort of my initial thoughts. But now they have passed…
  • Majorca 2k17- Mission 2K18
    So if everything goes to plan, this is my first week abroad of six this winter. I’m hoping that is going to put me in good stead for the upcoming season to achieve some big goals! SOLID training to come!
  • Cafe Connoisseur Ep1 – The Cyclist – Sudbury
    With my monthly meet up with my coach scheduled for this week, and a recent discovery of a new cycling cafe in Sudbury. It was a good opportunity to try it out. You know me, I can’t miss the chance to try a cafe. So here it is, my comprehensive review of the Cyclist, Sudbury…
  • First Month Down
    So I’ve now got my first month back done and in an easy week before building again from next week. All the graphs are showing positive things, suggesting I am as fit now as I was in Febuary this year! Key Stats: Duration: 67.7hrs Distance: 1521.5km Avg HR: 138bpm
  • OnForm End of Season Meet
    Despite having all my team antics up in air for next year, I still got an invite on the OnForm meet up last sunday. I think its safe to say I made a day of it. Doing my longest ride to date. Key Stats: 217.6km | 7hr 30mins | 29kmh | 220np | 5,996calories burned
  • Bike Check – Horny Tank
    UPDATE! Read about the longest ride this bike has done here –> BLOG I am adamant it is the time of year now to bring out the winter steed. So I only saw it fit to show off mine. Weirdly, probably my favourite bike, not because of the bike itself, but the memories that are … Continue reading Bike Check – Horny Tank
  • Bastille Day Breakaway
    I have only just found this. After I wrote this in Martinique I broke my phone so couldn’t post it. Having only just fixed said phone…here it is! Yesterday, stage 7, was Bastille Day. With Martinique being a French colony this was a big deal. It also happened to be a slightly easier day, 1,200metres … Continue reading Bastille Day Breakaway
  • Season Wrap Up!
      With 1 National Title, 5 National top 10s including 2 podium, international stage race experience, 1 category upgrade, 2 course records, 7 wins on the road and 2 in time trials… …it has been somewhat of a breakthrough year for me!
  • And it starts again!
    With my end of season break over, today I start training again for next year. With the winter kit now at the top of the draw and the winter bike built and ready to roll, it marks the change to long steady miles and off the bike gym work. Both thinks I really enjoy about … Continue reading And it starts again!
  • Anatomy of a Photo: Pin it like a Pro
      One of the most old fashioned and out dated aspects of cycling. Pinning on a number is an art form. Pinning on a number badly instantly signals you out to everyone as a little bit of a whopper, whether that is at a road race or a time trial. If it is a time … Continue reading Anatomy of a Photo: Pin it like a Pro
  • National 10mile Championships
    For my last race of the year, I chose the RTTC National 10mile Championships. I’ve had this written down as a target from the start of the year and it has come around very quickly. I changed my position up a little from the National 25, I think I went a little too low there … Continue reading National 10mile Championships
  • Rapha RR: Eastern Div Championships
    Up until this year, this race 2 years ago was my best result in a road race. I got 7th that year when the race was a 2/3/4 Regional A. This year the race stepped up to a Nat B E123 and Eastern Divisional Championships, making it an important race for everyone, and it attracted … Continue reading Rapha RR: Eastern Div Championships
  • Track innit
    With stage 3 of 4 done for my track accreditation, we headed down to the track for some extra track time before stage 4. An early start cruising down the a12 with Depeche Mode on full blast, we met Tom and Nathaniel at the track just in time to get set up for the session.
  • Anatomy of a Photo: Pre Stage Shell
    Have you ever got to the point where you are 6 days into a stage race and you contemplate getting a tow from the team car with a vine. I have. No one else probably finds this picture very funny, but it honestly cracks me every time I see it. I just find every part … Continue reading Anatomy of a Photo: Pre Stage Shell
  • National 25
    Considering the week I’ve had. I will take this result. It isn’t the result I had been hoping for from this race as it has been a big target for me all year, but I gave it everything I had on the day and the power was not as bad as I was expecting. I … Continue reading National 25
  • A Little Blip
    I was fully intending to sit down this afternoon and write a big wrap up from Martinique (and show you the funny pictures of my hair) and thank everyone properly for their support. But right now I’m just not in the right frame of mind to write that and write it properly…so instead I will … Continue reading A Little Blip
  • Solo break 
    I’m currently on the bus on the way to stage 6. The third of three very big days. All 110+ km with around abouts 2000m’s of climbing. We are heading into the unknown now…I’ve raced for 5 days before, but not 6. The stage starts out hard today, the first 20km is packed full of … Continue reading Solo break 
  • Helping teammates and forming grupettos
    So as some of you might know. I am now out in Martinique, racing a 9 day stage race. Here’s roughly how the first few days have gone… Before that. It’s hot. Don’t mention my hair. The first stage was 125km on what here is “flat” terrain. There was more elevation than I do in … Continue reading Helping teammates and forming grupettos
  • IoM!
    So you may have noticed (you probably didn’t) I’ve been a bit quiet over the last few weeks. The truth is it has been pretty tough month for me now. Ever since finishing my heavy block of training and winning my first national title at the Circuit Champs, I’ve been faced with a lot of … Continue reading IoM!
  • Slight Change in Situation!
    Due to a slight change in circumstances, the race I will now be doing is not the Tour of Guadeloupe, but the Tour of Martinique on July 8th-16th. The French team were struggling to field a full squad so communication broke down with the race organisers. I still have strong links to the DS and … Continue reading Slight Change in Situation!
  • First National Title
    Well this is a B I G one! Major goal for the year ticked off: Cat 1 achieved! Along with something I didn’t expect for quite some time…my first National Title! Here’s how it went… Wednesday – Eagle Crits Rd 6 E1234 – 1st Key Stats: Winning the Bunch Kick:  10secs | 1340watts | peak … Continue reading First National Title
  • CR Number 2
    Heading over to the flat lands of Ely this weekend for the Ely 10mile TT. It was a course I hadn’t ridden before, but I’d noted down the course record, and believed it was achievable with a strong ride. The course started with a gradual ramp and then was flat and open there and back. … Continue reading CR Number 2
  • From the back to the front in 1.5km!
    Inside 5 weeks till U23 National Championships now, which means I am on big training volume, in preparation to taper 2 weeks out. That means high volume and plenty of races. Wednesday – Eagle Crits Rd 4 E1234 – 1st Key Stats: Sprint after 5hrs: 11seconds | peak 1346watts | avg 1083watts | 190bpm | … Continue reading From the back to the front in 1.5km!
  • I need your help!
    I have the opportunity to ride for a top french team in one of the biggest stage races in the world…but i need your guys help to get there! The Tour of Guadeloupe is a 9-day UCI 2.2 Stage Race in the french colony of Guadeloupe, South America. Details here: I have been blown away … Continue reading I need your help!
  • Peterborough 2 Stage 1 Day
    Stage 1 – TTT: Key Stats: 9km | 12min 05secs | 44.9kmh | 375np | 175bpm | 85rpm It’s always difficult to pace when starting on a climb, because of this Jamie started off at the front to control us young guns. We rode the climb hard, but controlled. Second in line I took up … Continue reading Peterborough 2 Stage 1 Day
  • 2 Wins in a Week!
    Apparently, word on the street is…i’m a sprinter now? Wednesday – Eagle Crits Rd 1 E1234 – 1st A new local crit series being run at RAF Woodbridge started this week. Always good to have local races! I did the club time trial the night before, so in the morning had a quick recovery spin, … Continue reading 2 Wins in a Week!
  • First CR!
    I know I am posting this a little later than usual, but I was ill for the last 2 weeks, so life has been quite dull. But here is how my best weekend of the season so far went! Saturday – Stowmarket Hilly 20 TT – 1st & Course Record Another afternoon start, which worked … Continue reading First CR!
  • First Double Header Weekend
    For most of the year, I will be riding double-header weekends, that being a race on saturday then sunday. Being the first one, i was interested to see how the legs would feel the day after a race, and if they would be good enough to go full gas for a second day. Here is … Continue reading First Double Header Weekend
  • OnForm Launch Day
    So over the weekend, Cycle Team OnForm had the official launch! Super exciting times for everyone! The day started with the option of a 20mile or 40mile ride. I opted to do the 40mile ride, and the group had a good mix of U23, Women and Junior team riders along with some parents and people … Continue reading OnForm Launch Day
  • 4 Man Chopper
    After 3 pretty heavy days, i was in need of an easy day to spin the legs out. So when my friend & physio Matt said he had the day off and was up for a spin, i thought result. Then he said coffees would be on him, RESULT! It turned out to be a … Continue reading 4 Man Chopper
  • North Road Hardriders 2017
    First race of the season done and dusted…and it’s awesome to say it was a good one! First early start of the year, but surprisingly it didn’t feel out-of-place and I was straight into my pre race routine, something i had planned out very carefully. On the drive there, the threat of rain made the … Continue reading North Road Hardriders 2017
  • Calpe 2K17 is drawing to a close…
    I am in my final few days here in Calpe. The villa has been home for the last 3 and a half weeks now, a few hiccups, but overall it has done well. For the first 3 weeks, we even managed to keep it quite clean. Until Ross arrived, then it appears to have got … Continue reading Calpe 2K17 is drawing to a close…
  • Calpe 2k17 – Big Day Out!
    I think it is safe to say, many gains were made today. 5hrs and 10min, 2640meters of climbing at 240np. It started by cruising along the fast road all the way down to Benidorm, with a few wrong turns and an impromptu stop at aldi to try and buy a battery for my power meter. … Continue reading Calpe 2k17 – Big Day Out!
  • Anatomy of a Photo: The Euro Look
    The euro look is something we all strive for, or as Velominati put it; “Being casually deliberate“, a phrase i absolutely love! I would like to think i rate cycling style quite highly. I never leave the house without checking my socks are straight and my cap is level. I’d say to date this is … Continue reading Anatomy of a Photo: The Euro Look
  • Calpe 2k17 – Rest Day Vibes
    Now 2 weeks into my month long stay here in Calpe, i find myself on my first full rest day. Basically this means guilt free eating for a day, thats how it works right? I have abided by the normal rest day rules; staying off my feet, eating, drinking and stretching. The only time i … Continue reading Calpe 2k17 – Rest Day Vibes
  • Calpe 2k17 – Cumbre Del Sol
    I am coming to the end of my first week here in Calpe. And what better way to end it than up one of the toughest and most grueling climbs in the area? Enter, Cumbre Del Sol ( ) , 3.6km of pure pain which reaches out from the mainland near Moraira, nicknamed Cumbre Del … Continue reading Calpe 2k17 – Cumbre Del Sol
  • Calpe 2k17 – Baby Steps
    I have been in Calpe now for 4 day. Which effectively means i’ve ridden a bike properly ( by that i mean outside) 4 times this year. My condition is steadily improving now and i should be ready to resume full on training come the weekend. As is probably quite clear, i have brought my … Continue reading Calpe 2k17 – Baby Steps
  • Calpe 2k17 – Mission Get Fit Quick
    Having arrived in Calpe this afternoon, settled into the villa and met all the lads, i have a very clear idea in my head of what i want and need to get out of this month. I start this month long adventure with i’d say 90-95% of my health. Not ideal but a darn sight … Continue reading Calpe 2k17 – Mission Get Fit Quick
  • TT Bike Tinkering
    Having been strangely ill now for the last few weeks with no real diagnosis I was really starting to lose my rag. For a full time cyclist, training is everything. So when you can’t train for any reason, let alone illness, it starts to get frustrating. The thought of, “its just a little cough, you … Continue reading TT Bike Tinkering
  • OnForm Team Weekend
    Solid set up. Awesome guys. This is gonna be a good year. That’s the short version. This was my first experience of a team weekend, so obviously i was pretty nervous. It was my first chance to put names on a results sheet to a face. Luckily the first encounter was in my own territory; … Continue reading OnForm Team Weekend
  • Signing for Team OnForm
    My first signing. I will be in the colours of Cycle Team OnForm next year! Better not throw away the pink velotoze after all
  • A cliff full of nostalgia
    When posed the question, “is there actually anywhere cool in Ipswich?” by a good friend, that set my brain thinking. My initial response was, “pfft…cool? In Ipswich?!” But then i thought back, to this little spot i used to go as a kid. It’s called Nacton Shores and is a quiet little beach with a … Continue reading A cliff full of nostalgia