Bastille Day Breakaway

I have only just found this. After I wrote this in Martinique I broke my phone so couldn’t post it. Having only just fixed said phone…here it is!
Yesterday, stage 7, was Bastille Day. With Martinique being a French colony this was a big deal. It also happened to be a slightly easier day, 1,200metres of climbing rather than 2,000. Being a way down on GC, we aimed to get into the break of the day. Velo Schils managed to get 2 riders up the road, me and 1 team mate. 

It started out hard, with 20mins of rolling back roads before hitting the motor way. The terrain along with trying to build the gap meant it was a real tough start to a race. The gap went out to 1min 40seconds by the time we hit the motorway. Then it was just about keeping the pace high.

Not long later, the white jersey bridged over with a team mate. They went straight to the front and upped the pace. It was 40km once we hit the first catergorised climb of the day, which surprisingly we rode more tempo than full gas. This meant the gap started to fall. The white jersey attacked over the top to take the mountain points and rode hard down the descent. I was strugggliig to hold the wheel and took one of the hairpins very wrong, but I managed to regain contact before the bottom where we were back on mostly flat open roads.

Not long later I picked up some more sprint points, not that I knew it was coming, which moved me up to third in the u23 sprint classification.

Not long later we were reeled in by the peloton, the team leading the GC had been riding hard and didn’t want the break to stick. We’d been out over half the stage. Kudos to my teammate who went again once we’d been caught and stayed away until the final climb.

I managed to hold onto the peloton all the way to the final climb, where I checked out. I just about kept in the convoy and hit the descent hard to limit my loses. Apparently I hit 100kmh on the descent. Sorry dad.

I rolled in 5mins down on the winner, in 38th place, my best result so far.

Now onto the 2 final big days. With 105km stage and 15km TT Saturday and a monster 135km stage Sunday.

Au Revoir.