And it starts again!

With my end of season break over, today I start training again for next year. With the winter kit now at the top of the draw and the winter bike built and ready to roll, it marks the change to long steady miles and off the bike gym work. Both thinks I really enjoy about training, it is nice to not have the stress and pressure of racing for a few months. Kick back, relax and cruise along with some good friends.

The winter bike has been built up, with a few additions from last year; most notably a rack (for weight…obviously), a 42t inner chainring (because I find that way too cool), and a few more stickers on my quest to fully sticker bomb the frame. FullSizeRender (2)

I am really looking forward to starting this new chapter, a fresh start, newly motivated and new goals. So it is time to put in some real graft and get ready for an even bigger and better 2018!

It does mean I have to face probably the hardest ride of the year though. The first ride back…