Anatomy of a Photo: The Team Camp House

There is something about training camp houses which just set them apart from any other house. You truly have to be part of one to get it, but I will try and explain in this Anatomy of a Photo!

Everything from the washing hanging up on any available hook or thing that works as a hook, to the total bombsight in the kitchen because everyone is too shelled out to leave the sofa every evening. Bikes leaned up on the walls in any possible spot marking all the walls with a hip high black line from the door to the bedrooms, closely followed by a slight dripping of chain lube or energy bottle mix. Because everyone WILL have forgotten a EU power adaptor, everyone will be running their variety of electronic devices out of one extender cable. Normally heating it up to the average temperature of the sun. All the cupboards will be full of nothing but brown pasta, muesli and copious tubs of Nutella. The washing machine will most likely fall through the ceiling because of the earthquake like shudder it produces doing 3 overloaded cycles a day rocking the entire house to the point where the tables start moving around. Cycling shoes will all be lined up near the door or sat on the open oven door in a desperate attempt to dry them out before the next days ride. Then comes the more obvious things. The ikea like selection of inner tubes, multi tools, garmin leads and assorted ex-team bidons are spread so far and wide that it is inevitable that most will be left behind.

As you can probably imagine, the people make the house. Strong songs and good jokes make up for the second half of everyday on camp. Normally with everyone so tired you don’t have any choice but to all be in the same room together, so it helps if you all get along. Thankfully I have never had an issue like this, long may it continue.

Just try not to end up in a house like ours was in Majorca. Where everyone is ill. That doesn’t help.

Now I’d better go and clean something so no one thinks I’m just sat at my laptop doing nothing…