Anatomy of a Photo: Pre Stage Shell


Have you ever got to the point where you are 6 days into a stage race and you contemplate getting a tow from the team car with a vine. I have.

No one else probably finds this picture very funny, but it honestly cracks me every time I see it. I just find every part of it incredibly hilarious. From the total look of empty on my face, my attempt to fade out the drastic burn line I got the day before because I didn’t have the energy to put on any sun cream (turns out I just got another, equally severe burn line), to the simple idea of getting a tow with a vine tied to the boot of the team car, the way Bastian is holding the bike assuming he is out of the photo, the fact my bottle cage is still held on with electrical tape and zip ties from the previous day where I lost one of the bolts and the beautiful setting of this amazing bike race and the contrast of that to the massive hole I was in that day.

It was a tough day out, but I got round. To be honest I really don’t know how…