A Little Blip

I was fully intending to sit down this afternoon and write a big wrap up from Martinique (and show you the funny pictures of my hair) and thank everyone properly for their support. But right now I’m just not in the right frame of mind to write that and write it properly…so instead I will explain where I am at right now.

Since returning, I had a few chilled out days, catching up with everyone, then went to stay with a friend a bit closer to London to try and get my track accreditation done with the hope of racing winter league this coming winter. This was going perfectly, got stage 1 and 2 out the way, almost got taken out by a few whoppers, but that was expected. Then came the first set-back. Stage 3 was fully booked up for the next month. That put everything on hold. Having done all the sessions up until stage 3 there wasn’t really anything for us to do more. It would just be a waiting game until the next stage 3 was free.

It was about this time that I started to fall ill. Because apparently I haven’t done that enough this year…

I headed home on the idea that would help, but still now, 3 days on I’m not improving. Which brings us to now. In that hole that (I think) all cyclists get in when they fall ill. It seems like the end of the world, like there is then no hope of recovery or regaining any fitness for the rest of the season. Every day on the phone to my coach and having to tell him I still aren’t getting better, or worse that I don’t really feel like riding. But at least he is someone to talk to, it’s better than just sitting at my computer all day and rewatching all the good shows on netflix and worrying about my lack of legs. I might call up the team psychologist this evening, I’m not sure yet. Maybe I just need to sit down over a good coffee with some friends and chill out. Right now, the form I had earlier in the season seems like a long time ago, honestly as if it was last season, and I would do pretty much anything to go back there. I find myself in times like this really looking forward to getting stuck into some winter training. Without the stress of racing, just putting in some hard graft out on the road and in the gym and seeing some big improvements. Along with riding big miles with the best friends. This winter LSD rides really are the greatest.

Hopefully, in a few days I will be over it and back hitting good numbers before National 25 on sunday. I’m sure I will look back and it will have just been another little blip…

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