A cliff full of nostalgia

When posed the question, “is there actually anywhere cool in Ipswich?” by a good friend, that set my brain thinking.

My initial response was, “pfft…cool? In Ipswich?!”

But then i thought back, to this little spot i used to go as a kid. It’s called Nacton Shores and is a quiet little beach with a few sandy cliffs that are great for climbing. Thinking back to 10 year old me sliding down them with no care, but this time, slightly bigger it posed a bigger danger. It must be a 20metre high sandy cliff with one lose tree root dangling at the top the only thing prolonging the fall.

The reason for finding this spot was to have a little ‘photo shoot’ with my friend Nathaniel (http://www.nathanielrosa.co.uk/93zkcjvltopcm96d4zyda4k1ep020s), although it was more just two dudes hanging out on rope swings on a beautiful summer evening. I think we made it look pretty cool…