4 Man Chopper

After 3 pretty heavy days, i was in need of an easy day to spin the legs out. So when my friend & physio Matt said he had the day off and was up for a spin, i thought result. Then 17199031_785393371610211_1444858571_nhe said coffees would be on him, RESULT! It turned out to be a perfect day…

I had promised myself i would ride the Shiv at least once a week from when the weather was good enough, so out it came for a spin. Matt being a fellow tester, we looked like a right pair cruising around in the tuck, like some really rubbish dropped duo from a team time trial. We cruised out to our favourite cafe in Framlingham, Paddy & Scotts for a refreshing Flat White and cake combo (I’ve been refraining from cake recently as i need to get down to race weight for the start of the season, but one day won’t hurt right? (this might have been the second day….ssssh)). General cycling chit chat ensued…

“Did you see the stage yesterday?”

4 Flat Whites down and we decided that was enough for one day, so we headed up the road to one of Matt’s friend’s, Spadge.4 man chopper 1 Part of Team Shed who made the  4 Man Chopper, famous for completing the Dunwich Dynamo last year. How they rode that thing 210kms in the dark i will never know! They even made the GCN Show! (5:20min). It’s fair to say the guy is a total legend. Bike collector, car collector, artist and all round bodge master. We got the full tour round his many garages, and saw everything from the 4 Man Chopper, to go-karts, sculptures and guitars. A particularly nice, old Peugeot took my eye which was hanging from the ceiling. Beautiful blue, white and orange paint job. I have to say, if you even want to sell it Spadge, i want first dibs! It would be the perfect cafe racing bike and general hipster-mobile! While rummaging through Spadge’s endless boxes of bike bits, we stumbled across an old school frame pump, something i’d been looking for, for a while, for Pink Wheels. Spadge said i could keep it, for which i was very thankful! It fits perfectly! Cheers man!

Was just the perfect ride for today, the legs feel much better ahead of the first road race of the season this weekend, Ike Saul near Cambridge. Heres to a smash up! Thank you to Team OnForm for the support!

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