2 Wins in a Week!

Apparently, word on the street is…i’m a sprinter now?

Wednesday – Eagle Crits Rd 1 E1234 – 1st

A new local crit series being run at RAF Woodbridge started this week. Always good to have local races! I did the club time trial the night before, so in the morning had a quick recovery spin, just to get the legs going again. The weather was biblical! I’m pretty sure i rode through all four seasons and back a few times! Then in the evening i rode out to the crit, about 20km to get the legs going again. We arrived in plenty of time, so got signed on and just spun up and down the runway to keep warm. It was a REALLY cold evening! I had leg warmers, gloves and a rain cape on and I wasn’t getting any warmer. I decided to keep the leg warmers on for the race, and had my gilet on over my skinsuit.18121583_1893530927583536_2186775247695132498_o It was a short 1.4km circuit around the back roads off the runway. With a particularly sharp first corner which strung out the group every lap. Sadly as the lead car pulled away to start the race, there was a big crash behind me and half the bunch went down, not even 1 minute into the race! Good healing vibes to everyone! After that the group were all a bit on edge, so I just wanted to keep at the front and out of trouble. There were a few digs, but nothing serious for 45mins. Then coming through for the bell lap, Prof effortlessly floated off the front and started to gain a fair gap. I wasn’t going to chase a friend down, so i started to ease on the pedals. The peloton then realising what was happening, started to chase Prof down, allowing me to sit second wheel and get a perfect lead out. Round the last corner, and i just tried to stay in the wheel as long as possible as it was a very long finish straight. Finally picking my time and putting my head down. I started to fade a little towards the line, I definitely went too early, but managed to hold the gap to the line, with just enough time to put one arm in the air! It was really nice to get a result after having bad legs at the weekend.

Sunday – Festival Nat B RR – Bunch

A really early start this morning ahead of the Festival Nat B incorporating the ECCA championships. A course I haven’t ridden before, but proved to be very tough! The race went out hard from the gun! With the first hour of racing at 44kmh. On the second lap, a large break started to go, with all the teams and hitters in. I was 100% convinced that it was going to stick and that was going to be the race. So I rode full gas to get over. To be greeted by them by stopping riding. So it all came back together again and then the race winning break went. Annoyingly I was swinging too hard after that effort to get into that move. So i was stuck in the peloton for the rest of the race. The gap just kept going out and out. There were a few little attacks off the peloton, but nothing serious, so it was all about sitting in for the finish. Although a bit irrelevant, because the group up the road of 25, contained all the points. So I was more focussed on saving the legs for Ixworth tomorrow!

Monday – Ixworth Crits 2/3 – 1st

Ixworth is a local race i’ve competed in for 4 years. My results there have gradually been improving, apart from a small get down 2years ago… But with a second place last year, there was only one way to beat it!


After the race yesterday, the legs felt very heavy in the morning, but as soon as i started my warm up they came back to life quite quickly. After my warm up i rolled to the holding pen, before we could get let loose onto the circuit. Then after a frantic sighting lap to get on the front row. We got the briefing from the comm…then…BAMM! The race went off like a gun! The plan was always to split the race up in the first 10 minutes, something that happened way quicker than that!


With a few of us pulling hard turns on the front, we got the front group down to 12 riders. Some great team tactics from the two Pedal Power Cycles boys really blew the race apart. Using their numerical advantage in the front group by repeatedly sending someone up the road and getting me to chase. Every few laps I was trying to string the group out up the home straight, to try and get rid of a few sandbaggers and test the legs before the finale. Once the lap board came out it all started to get a bit tense. Then with two laps to go, there was a big attack by Dap CC. This kept the pace really high into the last lap. I knew i didnt want to leave anything to the last corner, after my good friend Dougal rolled me into it last year. So with half a lap to go, out of the back corner, I just went. I put my head down and didn’t look back. I knew that the first person into the last corner was going to win the race. So everything was about just getting there. And then this….


It was so happy to win this race! Its been one of the big races in the first half of my season for a few years now. Now i have to just continue building up till national champs in June!

As always, a massive thank you to Cycle Team OnForm for the guidance and support, all the amazing sponsors (check them out below) and my dad for putting up with me through all the bad post race moods to get here!

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